The Online Arcade Present August Premier Month

We are so grateful for all the support we’ve received for The Online Arcade and as promised we plan to deliver as much content as possible. Earlier we announced Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Injustice 2, and Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite will be our four official premier tournaments for The Online Arcade. In August we plan to bring you two premier tournaments within the month, deeming it as “Premier Month”. Both tournaments will take place on the PlayStation 4 platformIt is important all participants use Challonge as your tournament guide for match ups/check in, messages, rules and the tournament description.

Here are the two premier online tournaments for August:injustice 2 NOInjustice 2: No Justice No Peace with be the first premier tournament which will take place on August 12th starting at 5 pm EDT. The tournament will be hosted on GamingWithPersona YouTube channel. You can sign up today by clicking here. All participants of No Justice No Peace will have access to discord, for match up updates or any question pertaining to the tournament.  Flash vs SupermanInjustice 2: No Justice No Peace prize pot information: Prize Pot total will be $150 dollars. ( Money earned from being in the Top Three will be distributed through PayPal)

1st Place-$75 dollars

2nd Place-$50 dollars

3rd Place– $25 dollars

tekken 7 Raging FistContinuing the next week, the second premier tournament begins with Tekken 7: Raging Fist on August 18th at 7 pm EDT. Raging Fist will be hosted on MistaOfficialVG YouTube channel and you can sign up today by clicking here. All participants of Raging Fist will have access to discord, for match up updates or any question pertaining to the tournament.  Tekken 7 RFTekken 7: Raging Fist prize pot information: Prize Pot total will be $250 (All money will be distributed through PayPal)

1st place-$175 

2nd place-$50

3rd place-$25

That’s a total of $400 dollars for both tournaments. If you’re planning on viewing both tournaments, as premier tournaments there will be giveaways throughout each live stream. If you enjoy what we do here at The Online Arcade, support us on Patreon where your contribution will assure a healthy online tournament experience throughout the year, giving more variety of games to have a tournament within the year. Just remember it is not mandatory!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us on Twitter @Jay_BariYT, @Persona_YT, @MistaOfficialVG or @upchuckgaming.

Street Fighter V- Ultimate Battle Online Tournament Update!

Thank you for your continuous support with The Online Arcade. We have one of our premier tournaments coming up very soon which is Street Fighter V Ultimate Battle. SFV Ultimate Battle is an 3 day event beginning at 7:45 pm EDT on June 16th and ends on June 18th. After many comments and your feedback we’ve decided on trying to mitigate some of the wait time, by not having some matches be displayed up on the live stream, particularly Losers Bracket Round 1 and some of Losers Bracket Round 2. This will assure us on the participants not waiting for a long time to begin there next match.RyuParticipants of this tournament will be notified ahead of time if sent to Losers Bracket letting them know if they’re fighting on stream or not. We ask that everyone be ready to fight during tournament time as we send out invites to the lobby throughout the night. It is also imperative that participants must write their CFN ID in the discussion tab on Challonge! Also Check ins will be taken place on June 14th, which is two days prior to the tournament start date and time. It is important all participants use Challonge as your tournament guide for match ups/check in, messages, rules and the tournament description.SFV Bison

Now lets talk about the prize pot:Balrog Fight MoneyPRIZE POT= $350 ( Money earned from being in the Top Three will be distributed through PayPal)

1st Place-$225 Dollars with a 50 dollar Pot Bonus(thanks to a generous donation by Chauncy Talon)= $275

2nd Place– $75 Dollars

3rd Place– $50 DollarsChun LiHere are some important factors about this tournament:

  • KANZUKI BEACH, SKIES OF HONOR, AND THE RING OF DESTINY STAGES ARE NOT PERMITTED DURING THIS TOURNAMENT. (If any of these stages are picked, you will have to stop the match and re-pick a usable stage)
  • All participates will have access to discord:

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us on Twitter @Jay_BariYT, @Persona_YT, @MistaOfficialVG or @upchuckgaming.

Karin Laugh

For all The Online Arcade scheduled premier and Lite tournaments click here to check them out and sign up if interested.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4: Road To Greatness Tournament

What’s Up PlayStation Nation,

The Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4: Road To Greatness tournament just passed but WhatsUpPlayStation has you covered. For those who missed the tournaments live stream you can watch it now, with the annotations displaying each individual match fight times. Hope you all enjoy and look for more online tournaments to come.

THE ONLINE ARCADEIf you like what The Online Arcade is doing you can support with our Patreon. The money earned from the Patreon will help towards Prize money for the winning participants, the giveaways during the live stream, and commentating crew that helps during each tournament we do. The Patreon contribution will assure a healthy Online Tournament experience through live streams throughout the year, giving more variety of games to have a tournament through out the year.

The Online Arcade Tournament Schedule (UPDATE)

Want to compete in a set of upcoming online based tournaments? I’m here to give an heads up to our upcoming online tournaments for The Online Arcade. Here will be multiple online tournaments catering to all fan base of different fighting games.

Each online tournament below will have an indication between being a Lite tournament and a Premier tournament. Lite tournament will have no giveaways during the live stream and limited prize for winners. Premier tournaments will have giveaways during the live stream and a larger prize pot for the top three participates. Similar to what you have seen in the prior online tournaments. (Recently added both Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 and BlazBlue: Central Fiction, King of Fighters XIV, and Tekken 7)

Naruto Road to GreatnessNaruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4: Road to Greatness Tournament (Lite)- 4/29/17 (PS4)

Chaos CodeChaos Code: Codes of Chaos Tournament (Lite)- 5/13/17 (PS4)

Injustice 2Injustice 2: The Dark Knights Tournament (Lite)- 5/27-28/17 (PS4) Sign up today

ultimate battleStreet Fighter V Ultimate Battle Tournament (Premier)- 6/16/17 (PS4, PC) Sign up today!

DB XENOVERSE2Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 No Mortals Allowed (Lite)- 6/24/17 (PS4) Sign up today

Tekken 7Tekken 7 Raging Fist (Premier)-  August 18th (PS4) Sign up today

Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2 SLASH (Lite)- July 1st (PS4) Sign up today Anime Fighting Game Weekend.

bbcfBlazBlue: Central Fiction OVERDRIVE (Lite)- July 2nd (PS4) Sign up today Anime Fighting Game Weekend

kof14The King of Fighters XIV LEGENDS (Lite)- July 22nd (PS4) Sign up today

Are you interested in participating in any of these upcoming tournaments? Let us know in the comments below.

The Online Arcade- Ultimate Battle Tournament Sign Up Today

What’s Up PlayStation Nation,

The next Street Fighter V online tournament will be called “Ultimate Battle” and is available for sign ups(click the link here) today. Ultimate Battle will be an Double Elimination tournament, meaning there will be a Winners and Losers Bracket. By making it out of the Losers bracket, the winner of that bracket will have the chance to play the Winner of the Winners Bracket in Finals for which every group they are apart of, having the opportunity to reset the bracket. Match times will be given out on a closer to the tournament start date.

The Ultimate Battle tournament begins on June 16th at 6:30 EDT!!(subject to change) Are you ready for the challenge?



Everyone is required to write their PSN ID and Capcom Fighter ID within the Discussion Area. If you are on PC all you need is your Capcom Fighter ID. Check Ins start two days prior to tournament time. It is crucial EVERYONE checks in before it’s Tournament time. No check in means you will be removed the day of tournament. It is also crucial everyone pays attention to Challonge for messages and updates on the tournament.


I would also like to take the time to introduce to you all The Online Arcade. The Online Arcade will host a series of fighting game online tournaments, trying to build a community for those fighting game enthusiast, that will compete in a set of online fighting game tournaments throughout the year. To make this cause feasible, we launched a Patreon page, which gives anyone the opportunity to contribute towards these online tournaments and receive rewards while doing so. None of this is mandatory for any participation in joining or viewing these online tournaments.

ken gif


All your feedback will be greatly appreciated as we try to improve The Online Arcade.