Kazou Hirai announced to step down as Sony President and CEO

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Today provides some bittersweet news In a surprising turn of events it has been reported via press release of PlayStation’s recent finacial report  that the PlayStation 4 sales has reached 76.5 million sales, alongside that Kaz Harai has announced he will be stepping down as CEO of Sony Corporation. Sony has announced that Kenichiro Yoshida will assume Kaz’s soon to be former role and will be taking over as of April 1st, 2018. Even though Kaz will be stepping down as CEO, Mr. Hirai will remain in the company, retaining the Director and Chairman roles once April hits.

As it has been detailed in an official press statement Kaz Harai and Kenichiro provided statements to the recent news which is detailed below:

Kazou Harai States:

“Ever since my appointment as President and CEO in April 2012, I have stated that my mission is to ensure Sony continues to be a company that provides customers with kando – to move them emotionally – and inspires and fulfills their curiosity. To this end, I have dedicated myself to transforming the company and enhancing its profitability, and am very proud that now, in the third and final year of our current mid-range corporate plan, we are expecting to exceed our financial targets. And it excites me to hear more and more people enthuse that Sony is back again. As the company approaches a crucial juncture, when we will embark on a new mid-range plan, I consider this to be the ideal time to pass the baton of leadership to new management, for the future of Sony and also for myself to embark on a new chapter in my life. My successor, Kenichiro Yoshida, has supported me closely since returning to Sony in December 2013 , contributing extensively beyond his remit as CFO and acting as valuable confidant and business partner, as we took on the challenge of transforming Sony together. Mr. Yoshida combines a deeply strategic mindset with a relentless determination to achieve defined targets, and the ability to take a global viewpoint. I believe he possesses the breadth of experience and perspective, as well as the unwavering leadership qualities required to manage Sony’s diverse array of businesses, and as such is the ideal person to drive the company forward into the future. As Chairman, I will of course offer my full support to Mr. Yoshida and the new management team, and do all I can to facilitate a smooth transition and ensure their future success.”

Kenichiro Yoshida States:

“I am very grateful to Kazuo Hirai and the Sony Board for their trust and confidence in appointing me as Sony President and CEO, and at the same time feel a great sense of responsibility in taking on this vitally important role. Together with the outstanding talent we have across the Sony Group, I will aim to build on the business foundations established by Mr. Hirai, and execute further reform measures that enhance our competitiveness as a global enterprise, and enable us to realize long-term profit growth. My first priority will be to finalize our next mid-range corporate plan starting in April, together with our immediate business plan for the fiscal year 2018, and then move ahead swiftly with implementation. This is a hugely exciting time at Sony as we look to our future, and together with my management team I intend to determine the best path for us to move forward, and devote my full effort to creating a better Sony that captures the imagination of our many stakeholders around the world.”

(Editors Opinion: This is definitely unexpected news as it has caught me off guard in terms of expected news. However it does make sense as such a high level position can be tiring considering that he has to travel on the constant and stay away from family. Not only that he has maintain and manage many branches of the Sony Corp. Which he has done a great job at. However it does leave many fans of the brand a bit worried and questioning will the transitioning team be able to maintain the same level of quality that many of us PlayStation fans have come to love. Not only that it leaves the question of will we experience a shift in gaming output. One can only hope that things will continue to prosper and grow. Kazou Harai is one of many parts that are responsible for turning around the perception of the PlayStation brand. But we will see how this is will manifest going into the PS5 and so forth. Does it worry fans who closely follow the PlayStation Brand? I believe it does. But we will see how things will evolve over time. We look forward to see how the PlayStation name will evolve going forward.)

What do you think of this news. Are you concerned with the outcome of this news? What would you like to see from the PlayStation brand in the future? Comment below let us know for news like this and more make sure to keep us bookmarked. And make sure to check back with us here at What’s Up PlayStation.

Get Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Free When Buy a PS4

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Buy a PlayStation 4 on November 4th through November 5th and get Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for free at select retailers. I guess there isn’t a new custom bundle for Call of Duty fans to buy this year.

Pick up the new slimmer, lighter PS4 for $299.99 USD / $379.99 CAD at select retailers in the U.S. and Canada from November 4-5 and you’ll get a free copy of Infinity Ward’s latest addition to the Call of Duty series (check with your local retailer). And if you pick up the Uncharted 4 PS4 bundle, you’ll get the new slimmer PS4, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for just $299.99.

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Source: PlayStation Blog

Final Final XV PlayStation 4 Slim Bundle Announced

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During Sony’s Tokyo Game Show press conference Square Enix took to the stage to announce the PlayStation 4 Slim Final Fantasy XV bundle. The bundle comes with a 1TB Final Fantasy XV Limited Edition PS4 Slim, Final Fantasy XV exclusive steel book, the new Dualshock 4 with a Final Fantasy XV graphic, the Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV movie, and the Royal Raiment Outfit, Masamune Weapon, and Leviathan Regalia Skin DLC. The bundle will cost you $449 USD/$549 CAD and will only be available at GameStop/EB games.

Europe won’t be left out when it comes to this bundle, you’ll receive two Final Fantasy XV PS4 Slim bundles:

Final Fantasy XV 1TB Limited Edition Bundle

  • Final Fantasy XV-themed 1TB PS4 Slim
  • FFXV-themed DualShock 4
  • Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition, which is a Steelbook that includes Final Fantasy XV on Blu-Ray disc, the full-length CGI animated movie Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV on Blu-Ray disc, and bonus in-game content. 

Final Fantasy XV Standard Edition Bundle

  • Standard 1TB PS4 Slim
  • Jet Black DualShock 4
  • Final Fantasy XV on Blu-Ray

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The Council-Podcast Episode 88

What’s Up PlayStation Nation,

Welcome to another episode of The Council-Podcast. We are a conversational podcast where we speak about the games we are playing throughout the week, on gaming new that happened during the week, and set topics where we save until later on during the show.


  1. PlayStation 4 Pro talk
  2. PlayStation Slim Bundles
  3. New peripherals(Platimun Headset, new Dualshock 4 controller, and PS Camera) coming for PlayStation fans
  4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remaster
  5. Urien is coming soon to Street Fighter V


  1. Why is there so much hate towards the PS4 Pro


PlayStation Meeting September 7th

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Yesterday Sony confirmed that a “PlayStation Meeting” event that will taking place on September 7th. The event starts at 3 p.m.(EDT) and will be held at the PlayStation Theater located in New York City. Earlier this week rumors were speculating that this event will reveal both the PlayStation 4 slim and PlayStation Neo. So I think it’s same to assume at least one of the two consoles, will be announced at this event.

Rumors are also speculating on NeoGaf. About a possible new PlayStation Vita handheld, called the PS Vita Trinity. This rumor surfaced from a FCC filing, certifying a new wireless chip 5Ghz for the PS Vita.

This is really exciting news for PlayStation fans. A new iterations of the PS4. Giving fans more choices on what they want to game on. Is it the sleeker yet slimmer PS4 or the raw gaming power with the PS Neo? Can the PS Vita possibly get some resurgence the with newer version of the handheld? Let us know in the comments your thoughts on the “PlayStation Meeting” event. What are your expectations?

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Source: DualShockers, NeoGaf


(Rumor Alert!!!!) PS4 Slim & PS Neo to be Revealed Next Month

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According to rumors from Gamerant. The PlayStation 4 slim and PlayStation Neo, announcement will come next month on. The rumor comes from a French gaming news website, which is commonly known for leaking insider’s information. Claiming that Sony will host an event on September 7th revealing both PS4 slim and PlayStation Neo.

(Update)This is now being confirmed from multiple sources, according to Patrick Klepek.


A lot of PlayStation fans are anticipating news from Sony for PlayStation Neo. Begging to question, where is the official announcement on the newly revised PS4? Why is Sony being so quiet about PS Neo? Hopefully there will be a release date and official specifications that comes with this reveal. If the rumor becomes true. But for now take this for a grain of salt! We will try our best to keep you updated on the PS4 Slim and PS Neo, when we get more information.

Are you excited to see newly revised PS4’s? What are your thoughts on this rumor? Let us know in the comments below.

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Source:Gamerant, Twitter