Gameplay Update – Omen of Sorrow

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OSWhere were you on December 21, 2016? I’m hoping your answer is, “Somewhere watching The Council’s Omen of Sorrow interview, of course!” If not, then don’t let it happen again!

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Now that you have decided to either continue to travel down the amazing path of PlayStation greatness or you’ve just come to your senses getting on board, let me entice you with some rather interesting gaming news! The wonderful people at AOne Games honored us with an awesome interview about their newest project, Omen of Sorrow, which is a visually engaging fantasy fighting game in a setting inspired by literature, myth and horror. Recently, here at WhatsUpPlayStation, we were contacted by the development team at AOne Games with a special update! Check out their latest gameplay trailer of Omen of Sorrow, which runs in 4K and at 60fps!

The Council also had the opportunity to demo this game at PSX 2016, which was the catalyst for the interview. For the full video, go here:

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AOne Games “Omen of Sorrow” Interview

What’s Up PlayStation Nation!

Here at What’s Up PlayStation we had the honor and pleasure of interviewing the Executive Producer and Art Director, Maximiliano Kübler and Lead Programmer, Sebastian Gana from AOne Games to talk about their newest project, Omen of Sorrow. I had the opportunity to try out the game demo at PlayStation Experience 2016 in Anaheim, California and was blown away! The AOne Games team featured a beautifully made fantasy fighting game, featuring monsters of classic horror and gave them a new twist. 12 iconic characters engage, either locally or online, in a single death match or through the unholy trial story mode to define who’ll cast it’s shadow over the hearts of men for the next century. It’s rich in mythology, and timeless stories of legend with fast paced combat in classic 2-D style. You fight for your life against werewolves, vampires and other creatures of lore such as Quasimodo and Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde to name a few.

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Focusing heavily on the art style to capture the essence of 18th century Europe, Kübler expounded on how his background in architecture contributed to the elaborate designs for the fight stages where these epic fights will take place. They definitely compliment the game’s theme and add texture to the story-lines.


The What’s Up PlayStation crew was extremely excited to find out that Omen of Sorrow is a collaborative team of 23 individuals that include other developers including ex-Ace Team developers (Zeno Clash 2, Rock of Ages), with Art by the internationally acclaimed Genzoman (Double Dragon: Neon, Ultra Street Fighter IV, Hearthstone) and Music by Francisco Cerda (Jamestown, Gunpoint). AOne Games is based out of Chile, but the team is making its mark here in the United States by offering a fresh new take on fighters. They are making huge strides by being the first development team in Chile to create a game for consoles! We are proud to bear witness to their groundbreaking success!

For more information on Omen of Sorrow click here to check out their site.