Dissidia Final Fantasy NT closed beta coming this summer to PS4!

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This past weekend’s EVO 2017 was jam packed with news galore! And an opportune chance to show off and divulge a great amount of information for the upcoming 2018 releases of competitive games! Square Enix was not to be left out of the discussion per the video below.

With that being said Square Enix has revealed that the upcoming Team Ninja Collaboration for Dissidia Final Fantasy will have a closed beta for the North American, Latin American and PAL regions! You can register per your respective region below:

North American and Latin American residents can register to participate here, and PAL region residents can register here.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is due out for PlayStation 4 in early 2018.

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Injustice 2- Red Hood Trailer

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During Combo Breaker 2017 the Red Hood got his debut trailer and he is looking strong. The Red Hood is one of the three DLC characters in Fighter Pack 1 that was introduced early, including Sub- Zero and Starfire. Fighter Pack 1 also enable users the God Shader Pack, Power Girl premiere skin. Injustice 2 FIghter Pack

Red HoodHere is a brief description on Red Hood:

Jason Todd once served as Batman’s second protégé “Robin” before being brutally murdered by The Joker. Years later, the powerful healing waters of the Lazarus Pit brought Jason Todd back to life. However the power of the pit comes at a cost, and a change takes hold in Jason. He now uses mantle of the Red Hood to wage a lethal war on crime.

Red Hood3Are you interested in Red Hood? He is surely looking like a formidable foe.

Red Hood Gif


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Tekken 7 PlayStation 4 Exclusive Content

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Tekken 7 will release with a few exclusive content for PlayStation 4 owners. Paying some homage to fans of the series from the original PlayStation days. PS4 owners will receive classic Tekken 2 and Tekken 4 costumes for certain characters and Jukebox Mode. Jukebox Mode will give fans the option to listen to classic Tekken music from past games from the fighting game franchise. Tekken 7 releases both in retail and digitally world wide on June 2nd, 2017.

Tekken 7 2

Tekken 7 PS4 exclusive content details:

PS4 Day 1 Edition Pre-Order Bonus:

  • Eliza Bonus DLC Character

PS4 version will contain exclusive content: legacy costumes from TEKKEN 4 and TEKKEN 2 for King, Xiaoyu, and Jin as well as a Jukebox Mode where fans can listen to classic Tekken music tracks and even create playlists of Tekken music to listen to while they play.

PS4 Digital Edition Pre-Order Bonuses:

  • Exclusive PS4 Theme
  • Eliza Bonus DLC Character

tekken 7 gif

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Source: Tekken7

Street Fighter V- Here Comes A New Challenger

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Capcom just unveiled Ed, the third DLC character for Season 2 six upcoming new characters to Street Fighter V. Ed was an experiment in S.I.N, a division of Shadaloo, looking to replace the body of M. Bison. After certain events, Balrog found him and raised him. But due to the experiments, Ed ages faster than normal humans, giving him the more adult look than what we seen in the SFV story mode. Heavily influenced by Balrog, his fighting style is surrounded on boxing with the Psycho Powers inherited from M. Bison genes. 9847E1DB-B48A-40C0-8CD0-BF7ED9B2DB0B-10223-00000DE48545764EEd will be available for free in the upcoming Street Fighter V new CFN beta, beginning on May 11th and ending on the 14th. Season 2 Character Pass can be purchased for the cost of $29.99, which will give you access to Akuma, Kolin, and Ed with the three remaining character that’s yet to be announced. The pass also comes with Premium Battle Costumes with colors 3-10 unlocked and default costume colors 3-10 for each character. That’s not all, Season Pass holders will also receive an exclusive PS4 theme.2B0C1F4B-B484-4539-A069-7B74BBBA68E4-10223-00000DE518BF76D8

Ed’s Story and Battle Costumes:9CCC2C65-AD48-4F7A-B5AB-FEB1BF0F2443-10223-00000DE4DCCEFB52618C0F5D-1766-48BD-A9BE-D981C5984652-10223-00000DE50C47CC9F

Here is the breakdown for Ed’s V-Skill, V-Trigger, and Critical Art by Capcom:Ed VskillV-Skill: Psycho Snatcher- Ed releases Psycho Power from his palm, pulling himself or opponents depending on how long he charges it up.

68031B74-5936-4168-910C-CFC38E6A7E43-10480-00000E70B50FBAD2V-Trigger: Psycho Cannon- With a full V-meter, Ed releases an enormous amount of Psycho Power. He can follow alongside it, allowing him to pepper in shots when it connects with the opponent.

CCFCFA8E-D76A-4A65-A715-C7EAEE730E07-10480-00000E70B3D46679Critical Art: Psycho Barrage- Ed lunges forward with a series of punches. If at any point he connects, he’ll continue weaving around the opponent, slipping in quick combinations of Psycho-punches ending with a powerful uppercut.

Ed inputsEd won’t play like a traditional Street Fighter character, due to how different his button inputs are. His special moves doesn’t rely on motion or charge inputs, but simple button presses. Special moves could be executed by simultaneous button presses or repeatedly pushing on a button. Ed’s only traditional motion input is his Critical Art.

In my opinion: I can definitely appreciate what Capcom is doing with these new characters. Ed looks super fun to play as a character and I’m interested to see how this new input layout for a Street Fighter will pan out. Ed will without a doubt will shake things up for Street Fighter V in a favorable way, bringing some diversity and possibly new players towards the game. E72EF4F4-0028-4507-961A-7DBEF2F45C26-10223-00000DE48F0191B8

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Source: Capcom-Unity

All The Online Arcade Upcoming Scheduled Tournaments Part 2

Want to compete in a set of upcoming online based tournaments? The Online Arcade has you covered, with multiple online tournaments catering to all fan base of different fighting games. All scheduled tournaments are available for sign up today! Just make sure your read the description for any of the tournaments you sign up for, because there are important information pertaining to each tournament. If you like what we do and feel like supporting The Online Arcade head over to our Patreon, where your contributions will be greatly appreciated. Rock Howard JacketEach online tournament below will have an indication between being a Lite tournament and a Premier tournament. Lite tournament will have no giveaways during the live stream and limited prize for winners. Premier tournaments will have giveaways during the live stream and a larger prize pot for the top three participates. Similar to what you have seen in the prior online tournaments.

GGREV2BBCFGuilty Gear Xrd Rev 2: SLASH (Lite) PS4- July 1st- Closed

BlazBlue: Central Fiction- OVERDRIVE (Lite) PS4- July 2nd-Closed

kof14The King Of Fighters XIV- LEGENDS (Lite) PS4- July 22nd- Sign up Today!

chaos code ps4Chaos Code: EXCEED (Lite) PS4- July 23rd- Sign up Today!

Injustice 2Injustice 2: No Justice No Peace (Premier) PS4- August 12th-Discord Available Sign up Today!

tekken 7 Raging FistTekken 7: RAGING FIST (Premier) PS4- August 18th-Discord Available Sign up Today!

ultra SF4Ultra Street Fighter IV: FOCUS ATTACK (Lite) PS4- September 9th- Sign up Today!

SFVStreet Fighter V FINAL BOUT II (Premier) PS4, PC- September 22nd-Discord Available Sign up Today!

MvCIMarvel Vs Capcom Infinite: INFINITY STORM (Premier) PS4- October 13th- Sign up Today!

Are you interested in participating in any of these upcoming tournaments? If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us on Twitter @Jay_BariYT @Persona_YT, @Upchuckgaming, @MistaOfficialVG



New Stage and Costumes Coming Soon To Street Fighter V (UPDATE!!!)

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A new stage is on the way for Street Fighter V. The iconic Thailand stage is making it’s return the Street Fighter with a remastered version in SFV. This stage brings back memories as we progressed our way in Street Fighter II to finally meet M. Bison also waiting for us in Thailand. The Thailand Stage will be release on April 25th for $3.99 / €3.99. It is also available for 70,000 with your Fight Money.

SF2 Thailand

Beautiful remaster…

sfv thailand

That’s not all coming to SFV on April 25th, there will also be premium school costumes for Ryu, Chun-Li, and Juri. For those looking to stylize these characters in a schoolyard look, can pay $3.99 / €3.99 for each costume. (Update: Seems like Capcom have a few more things to present to SFV fans on April 25th with Alex, R.Mika, and yet another Chun-Li costume. Check out screenshots below!)


sfv ryu schoolboysfv ryu schoolboy2



sfv chun li schoolgirlsfv chun li schoolgirl2

Chun-Li Business Attire



sfv juri schoolgirlsfv juri schoolgirl2




R. Mika


Capcom has really done a great job with these costumes. It would be nice to see something similar being implented to the rest of the roster as well. Personally it is hard to pick a favorite costume out of the three, but Juri’s costumes definitely stands out the most, Juri mains should be proud.

Source: Capcom-Unity

The King of Fighters XIV- New DLC Character Ryuji Yamazaki

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Ryuji Yamazaki is the second fighter to join The King of Fighters XIV as a paid DLC character. Atlus has yet to announce a release date for the stretchable character unlike like Whip, the first DLC character announced last week, she will be releasing on April 5th.


Ryuji was introduced to The King of Fighters in KOF 97, I’m sure fans are ecstatic to see his return.

Yamazaki Ryuji


• 3D Evolution: All 50 fighters, movesets and more are rendered in full 3D graphics that preserves the essence of KOF’s visual style but updates it with a whole new dimension.

• The Best Refinement since KOF ’98: Through extensive playtesting and balancing, the controls have been streamlined, and the Combo and Max Mode mechanics have been overhauled to create the most competitive fighter in SNK’s history.

• The KOF Saga Continues: There’s a robust single-player storyline where several years have passed since the previous KOF tournament. Now a worldwide business, the global KOF will decide who is the strongest as both individuals and companies with their own ambitions have come to compete. Players compete against CPU-controlled opponents to unlock the storyline.

• The Best Roster Yet: There are 50 fighters total, with 31 returning from previous entries into the KOF series, and 19 brand new characters. All 50 characters will be available at the game’s launch.

• Revamped Online Experience: THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIVhas devoted a lot of development time to improving the game’s netcode for vastly improved online gameplay. KOF XIV uses the PS4’s online architecture to have a whole host of online conveniences, from spectating to saving replay/battle data, and having a single online KOF XIV profile to connect with friends.

Who Should be the Next Street Fighter 5 DLC Characters?

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On September 22nd, Capcom released all of season’s 1 DLC characters in Street Fighter V, with Urien being the last of the six. Upon that day I was left asking myself this question. Who would you like to see as the next 6 DLC characters for Street Fighter V? So I compiled a list of six characters I would like to see in season 2 for Street Fighter V next year. Even though the cinematic story given in June could’ve showed some clues on which character could be next for Street Fighter V. With these six characters, I am more intrigued to see how Capcom would implement them within SFV than any other characters in the Street Fighter franchise.

What will be there V-skill, V-trigger, or V-reversal? Capcom has done such a great job with the characters in SFV, so I’m positive the 6 characters I list would get the same treatment in SFV.

image1.Sakura Kasugano– Sakura is not only one of my favorite characters in the Street Fighter series but it would be amazing to see her continue you her rivalry with Karin Kanzuki in SFV. Also I would love to see how her fighting skills have improved and which of her move sets Capcom will turn into using the V-skill or V-trigger mechanics. I getting so excited just thinking about it.


2. Fei Long- Let’s face it Fei Long is a needed character in SFV. Street Fighter V needs the king of the Rekka Ken. Currently in Street Fighter V only has Karin has the ability to do Rekka’s. For those wondering what are Rekka’s, its a special move that could be chained added the motion three times in a row. The style is name after a special move performed by Fei Long’s in Street Fighter 2. Making Fei Long the original Rekka Ken based fighter.


3. Akuma(Gouki)MESSATSU! How did Akuma appear in Tekken 7 before Capcom’s own fighter? I don’t know but I will say this, a lot of Street Fighter fans are waiting for that special Street Fighter V Akuma’s Trailer. Akuma has long history with the Street Fighter franchise and it would be lovely to see his legacy continue within SFV fighting mechanics. What would his V-skill or V-trigger be?



4. Sagat– Street Fighter V needs the king of Muay Thai. Not a lot of people will say this but Sagat is an iconic character. Sagat will bring more depth into Street Fighter V’s story. Especially with him not having any animosity with Ryu anymore, which was shown in his ending in Street Fighter IV. What changes would we see from Sagat in SFV?  Also who wouldn’t want to see dozens of Tiger Fireballs thrown at them or get hit with a Tiger Uppercut from Sagat’s long reach. Ok enough sarcasm! Capcom bring Sagat back please!



5. Sean Matsuda– Nothing like some brotherly and sisterly love in a fighting game. I loved the brother and sister dynamic between Sean and his big sister Laura in SFV’s story. It would be nice to see that continue within his personal SFV story or just a victory taunt after beating Laura in a match. Sean’s Fighting style was most definitely unique in Third Strike and SFV needs more unique fighting styles. He was kinda like Shoto but with a different style, also I want to see the basketballs comeback. So Ken Masters hurry up and get the teaching some moves with this kid.



6. Q– Many things has yet to be revealed with this man of mystery. Q was a character I avoided in Third Strike, but I am so curious to see how he would be implemented in Street Fighter V. I remember a lot of people wanting to see Q in Street Fighter IV but somehow he never made it to the game. It would be really disappointing not seeing him in SFV. I want to see some of his background being revealed in SFV. Capcom lets make this happen!



Street Fighter has such a great selection of characters to pick from within the franchise, but these are my personal top six characters I would like to see make an appearance as the next DLC characters for Street Fighter V. What are your top six characters you would like to see next? Let me know in the comments section below.





Injustice 2 Harley Quinn and Deadshot Gamescom Trailer

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To all the DC comic fans out there, it’s time to be excited. During Gamescom, NetherRealm Studios introduced both Harley Quinn and Deadshot to the roster of Superheros and villains for Injustice 2. Both character models look amazing, with their fighting styles fitting both personalities of the characters really well.

Injustice 2 is scheduled to release in 2017, but will we see more Suicide Squad members in Injustice 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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