Have You Seen Me: Glorious Final Fantasy Benchmark Footage

It’s almost here! Final Fantasy XIV’s newest expansion Stormblood is right around the corners and the fans can hardly wait. People have been waiting patiently to see more of the Red Mage and Samurai classes in action with the rest of the crew. In this latest trailer the benchmark footage will have fans urging for more from this expansion for the PlayStation 4 and PC, releasing on June 20th.

stormbloodstormblood2Along with the benchmark, we have received word that Final Fantasy 14 will be receive two play modes through a PS4 Pro enhanced patch. One of the modes will keep the same resolution and give you a smooth 60 frames per second. While the other gives you the option to increase the resolution while maintaining the same frame rate. This update should release along side the Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood expansion. So check out this benchmark and tell us what you think about the footage. Will you be joining us in Eorzea to continue what I would call one of the greatest stories ever told?


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Let’s Talk About It: PS Now on Windows 10

Earlier last week it was announced that PS Now was being discontinued everywhere except the PS4 and Windows 10. It’s hard to really decipher exactly what’s going on there are some definite things we need to understand.

First off, yes. On PC PS Now will be exclusive to the Windows 10 operating system. If my memory serves me correctly Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7 and 8 all together really soon so all PC owners will have to make that shift. Outside of that, gaming on windows 10 hasn’t been the best so maybe streaming through Windows 10 might get Microsoft a better idea of what it can grow to offer in the future.

Secondly and this is just my opinion, PC gamers don’t go go out in droves to buy new releases. We all know that PC gamers love to tout the specs of their rigs and will spend thousands on graphics cards just to wait for Steam sales and play games they don’t need those cards for. PS Now would give these PC gamers a chance to not download but stream games instantly and enjoy and extensive amount of games for the amount of money they’re waiting to spend on the sale anyway. In my eyes 500 games is better than 5-10 any day.

And finally, Mr. Windows 10 himself Phil Spencer always says things like this “I think it all eventually boils down to [this]: we’ve got to deliver good PC games. PC gamers want to play good PC games. Our first games we launched on PC were going to be games we started on console that we then brought over to PC, and some of them showed that. But going forward, building games that have that ethos of what PC gaming is about more built in from the beginning, whether that means they’re PC-only or PC and console, I think that’s important.” as quoted from an interview given last year from PCGamesN.com. These kinds of statements lead me to believe that Phil Spencer wants to offer the person gaming on PC part of the console experience while working to to provide the best PC games possible. The best console experience without owning a console is PS Now.

In closing, there are some great reasons to see PS Now on Windows 10. Windows 10 will more or less be a fixture in every home and now the streamed power of PlayStation can be at your fingertips. There’s no better advertising tool than the internet and soon people will be able to see the ads then try the app and enjoy what PlayStation has to offer.

Answering the Call of the World Warriors Vol. 1

Nerves are bad, hands are shaking… but I’ve got to get ready for the World Warriors II tournament. I’m usually a Bison player but as this tournament is picking up I have to step my game up, if I want to contend with the heavy hitters like Knucklezxbox, IAmSimba, Faddy_12 and CrossoverRD.

Looking back at some of these highlights these fighters are AMAZING and they’re not guys fighting in EVO or in the Capcom Cup. They’re average people like you and me. So starting today I’m going to put my best foot forward to be a better fighter in general. Hopefully I will gravitate to their particular skill level leaving me to cause more havoc to unleash upon my foes. I very well may lose, but it’s all a part of becoming a World Warrior. Stay tuned to see how far I can go on this journey through Street Fighter V, tournament begins March 31, 2017.

What’s Wrong With Gamers These Days: Final Fantasy 15 (Inspired Rant)

What’s up PlayStation Nation!

I’m bothered by the state of affairs in the gaming community. I don’t understand this new wave of gaming, this easy way of gaming, and this “We get everything given to us on a silver platter” wave of gaming. Whatever happened to be an individual? Whatever happened to playing a game your way? Whatever happened to you being in the game on your own? Well today I’m going on a rant, hopefully this doesn’t offend anyone but I just have to know the answer to these questions.

With Final Fantasy 15 launching tomorrow November 29, 2016, it angers me to see that people are already giving people guides to play the game and level up fast, make a lot of money, and you know stuff that you should just figure out throughout the course the game. I know when we were younger back 10-15 years ago we would have the Game Pro magazines and Nintendo power, but you’d have to actually go to a store to get access to those , if you cared. With today’s social media capabilities, everything just gets spoiled before we even get it. I mean who honestly is looking for strategy guide or tips for Final Fantasy 15. Sure, there’s somebody who makes that stated you got a day make these videos given people tips and tricks in hint on everything specially with YouTube and generating views and revenue through views and all of that greatness, but who is sitting at their house looking for the upper hand in Final Fantasy 15 today before the game releases. It just upsets me to to know that there’s people who will flock to the hundreds of thousands to this video. I’ve seen that were giving tips on how to play Final Fantasy 15 and they won’t even attempt enjoy the game for themselves at first there already playing the game the way somebody else is playing. There was once a time where people would sit together and talk about what they did in the video game and how they got to a certain point and what they went through to beat that part and people would compare what they did that was different.

Nowadays it’s more like “Hey, go check this video out details you how to get past is one part that we have been having trouble with”. It seems as though people have run out of patience for the things that they want. People want to have a good game that looks great but if the game is too long, it loses their attention. People also want a game that’s perfect in every way, but if it’s a short experience they come away with the sense of emptiness. It seems like in effort to please people, you have to go through unconventional means to be the first to do something. Then there’s this group of people who will just watch the game streamed on twitch in because they saw it there, going to tell you that they have experience with the game and it’s not fun or is not good or the story was bad or there was a bad experience in the game based off of the stream and they’ve never even touch the game. It just pains me to see that in a day and age when we have more freedom than ever and some people are content to all do things the exact same way.

I’m going to go ahead and stop myself because I can talk forever. If you’ve ever seen the podcast you know how I can get, but I will leave you with this. I’m not saying it’s bad to make gaming videos and reviews or to give people the tips or anything that’s all fine and well. What my gripe really is is that people can’t let the games launch first. We need to hold some kind of higher penalty over people who have these games are leaving for showing game player and we given walk-through and who already breaking the game down outside of reviews of course, but something needs to happen that punishes people for punishing us. Today its Final Fantasy 15 tips and tricks and walk-through and play-through before the game is launched, next it’ll be horizon zero dawn, then it’ll be god of war 4. We’ve got to start playing these games ourselves and having our own experiences and stop living through the actions of other people. We have to stop allowing others to spoil our fun.


The Council is Taking Over WWE2K17

What’s Up PlayStation Nation,

Ever wonder what it looks like when the crew from WhatsUpPlayStation.com throw down. Of course we won’t actually fight but we throw down in the squared circle. Here’s a preview of the action which is soon to be the start of a weekly web show. I’ll even let the community come up with the name of the show and who else you would like to see in the ring. Stay tuned for more action from The Council and WWE2K17.

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Final Fantasies… Journal of a Hero vol. 1

What’s Up PlayStation Nation,


This is the first entry into the mind of a character from Final Fantasy 14. Hope you all enjoy.

14th of the 2nd Astral Moon

Hello Journal. After a long day of mining, it’s finally time to retire to the Inn. My Free Company keeps calling, wanting me to check in and help out with things around the house, annoying the living hell out of me. I’m Loki Battle damnit!!!! I’m the Prideless Lion, the uncrowned king with no kingdom. This is my land, these are my people but my family has fallen from grace and my brothers and sister are spread throughout the realm. My campaign to regain my family’s honor will be a long one but… wait a minute… I hear yelling in the distance. Sounds like there’s a merchant under attack which is great news because my greatsword Loyalty is hungry. Be right back journal, I have to go paint the snow red.

22nd of the Astral Moon

Damn you Journal, where have you been? Those piece of crap Kobolds are up to no good. They have been trying to collect aether and summon that blasted Lord of Crags, the primal known and feared throughout the land known as Titan. I don’t know if I can handle this fight alone again. He almost killed me last time and I swore I was going to be more social fight with a group when possible but all I’ve manage to do is train my chocobo Thor. I can NOT let the Kobolds succeed. If I have to become the enemy of all Kobolds to prevent primals around the realm from appearing, well that’s what I have to do. Sleep well journal. Tomorrow Loyalty and Thor will feast on Kobolds.

24th of the Astral Moon

It was worse than I feared Journal… The Kobolds must have been robbing merchants of aetheryte crystals for months. Titan was already sommoned when i finally caught up with the camp. There were some brave souls already there but they don’t seem to have nearly enough power to subdue this beast. I had to protect them so I pulled out Pride and Joy, my trusty sword and shield. Normally i greet these situations with a smile but this may prove too much. We fought for our lives and very well everyone else in La Noscea. Casters were slinging fire, poisoning and trying their best to keep everyone alive. The melee crew was in there clawing and scratching but really kept getting in each others way. Too much was going on to formulate a strategy, so i yelled for the casters to go all out and for the fighters to get out the way as I jumped into action. I’m deflecting spells that miss back towards the beast as we engage in a furious exchange of violence then I see it, Titan’s heart. I tried and tried to stab this thing but to no avail. The situation was getting dire and i was running low on steam. If I was going to to finish this I had to do it quick or so i thought… so I stabbed and sliced for all I was worth but nothing happened. In a fit of rage I punched the beast in the face and it hurt him. Instincts kicked in soon as i realized i hurt him so I climbed up on the shoulders of the beast and repeatedly bashed my shield against his face until he faded away. He may have bested my Pride but no one can ever take my Joy.


Happy PSVR’s Eve Everyone!!!!!

Hello everybody,

Welcome to another episode of “This is Greatness“. It’s officially the pre-release day of the PlayStation VR and I couldn’t be more excited to get this piece of greatness in my house. The countdown until launch day has been a long and grueling process, but we finally made it. For those who are as excited as I am, I can’t wait to come home, kiss my wife, and lay down for about three hours. Then get up and get ready to get my PlayStation VR headset at the midnight release. I know there are some people that are a little bit skeptical about PlayStation VR but after my experience with it at PlayStation Experience last year and more recently after playing a game called Thumper, which is one of the first PSVR games available in the PlayStation Store (playable outside of VR), my mind and stance for this new experience PSVR can offer, is made up.


With Thumpermy first initial thought was, “Man, with a game based on a beetle, this can’t be good”. I’ve wasted more money on worse games in prior game purchases (Shout out to The Division). I had to ask, “Is it really worth my time to pay $20 dollars to see what this game could possibly offer in VR?  The answer to that question is quite simply, Yes! Thumper is a game on a whole new level when it comes to speed and testing your reflexes. Sure you can get a feel for the rhythm on the patterns when they repeat and you seeing things that are easily recognizable. So you get the gist of the game very quickly when it happens, but nothing prepares you for the speed and the vibrancy of that game. Thumper is definitely a must have experience. I’m not sure about the VR experience just quite yet, but I know that it will be great for many taking the plunge into VR and for $20 dollars it won’t hurt the pocket too much.

The thing I’m most excited for with the VR games coming out is the fact that, it seems like developers are not afraid to be themselves again. You see a lot of games that aren’t afraid to take a risk on being creative been released for PSVR and VR in general. You have games like RIGS, Keep Talking and No One Explodes, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, 100 Foot Robot Golf, and Job Simulator. You even see the depth of some of your favorite franchises that have already released like Final Fantasy 14 and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Well, I have to get going…work is about start up pretty soon, but if you get a second, stop by YouTube and watch people play the Resident Evil 7 demo – “The Kitchen” and see how it affects people. Give it a shot…if you don’t love it I’m pretty sure you at least like it. It’s time to get my day over with so, I’ll see you guys after the midnight launch. In the meantime, check out this game play from Thumper created by yours truly. This is my first time getting my hands on the game and I know it’s a little rough but the game feels a lot faster than it looks. Happy PSVR’s Eve everyone!

Can You Really See HDR Right Now on the PlayStation 4?

Hello PlayStation Nation,

Today I want to share my views on the PlayStation 4 in HDR. Now granted these are my personal opinions and I’m only expressing my views on the experiences I have using HDR, on my Sony Bravia 43x800D. So what is HDR? HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and “refers to a technique that heightens a picture’s dynamic range – the contrast between the brightest whites and the darkest blacks”.

I believe most games are made with High Dynamic Range rendering. Many people are saying there is no way to notice HDR on PlayStation 4 right now because there is not much HDR capable media out yet. With Sony being a hardware company they can get the best out of the console and their TV’s. So what is the use in making HDR active on the PlayStation 4 currently if you will not be able to see any benefit of it? Basically all HDR does is maximizes the luminosity in a picture. In other words make it to the brightest possible within certain parameters and it creates a greater distinction between your lightest lights in your darkest darks. Which genuinely creates a better depth, texture detail and shadows within your TV.

Like I stated earlier, I own a 43 inch Sony 4K HDR X800D and in the settings I have the option of turning the HDR off, leaving it on auto and turning it on. I recognize that if you put it on auto nothing changes but what happens if you turn the HDR to on on your TV? Will you get a greater range of colors would you get brighter brights to go with your already dark shades or will the picture just stay stagnant like it already was? This is not just playing with the tint in the color and contrast in the color settings on the TV. Even if you switch to a different color setting, what happens if you turn on the HDR on the TV manually? Let’s see what happens when we change the HDR settings on the TV from off to on.

The second you turn on HDR you get an explosion of colors coming from the screen. Not only are the colors brighter, the brightness of these colors extends to a greater range. This enhancement of colors not only makes the picture quality more vibrant, it also creates a greater detail within the finer points of objects on your screen.

There were times where you can be in a room like on Infamous First Light and the lights come on but the room still seems a little dark. With HDR on you will notice the room’s lighting is much better and the gang has a much more vibrant colors making the game more of a visual masterpiece than it already was. One of the more impressive points was watching Fitch talk during the cut scene and I switch from HDR on to all and you could notice to complete change in detail in her character based on lighting not like the detail became greater but the lighting became greater in the lighting made her look better because it was more realistic.

I also took a look at the character select screen on Final Fantasy 14, granted, I have not heard anything about Final Fantasy 14 being made in HDR I figured it was probably rendered in HDR anyway might as well see what we can see because there’s a ton of lightning Final Fantasy 14. When I turned on HDR the first thing I noticed was of course the lighting improve and that only did the lighting improve, the armor went from looking like leather to actual metal.There some details that I can see that you guys can not see because you know I am in front of the TV and you just looking at video or picture. I wish that people could see Costa del Sol in with HDR on around noon in game time because Final Fantasy 14 has a day night cycle and when the sun is directly overhead the sun’s rays beam on you and you get the enhanced lighting. It is even more beautiful than before.

So in closing, if you do have Sony 4K TV with HDR on it, turn on your HDR and see if you do not notice a better picture when you are playing PlayStation 4. I honestly did not know what to expect when I bought my TV. I know people always say old things look so much better on a new TV which they should I mean it is a new TV, but the new TV difference plus the HDR difference was well worth my money. I am very satisfied with the PlayStation 4, I’m satisfied with my TV and I am expecting more with the PlayStation 4 Pro. I will have more updates coming soon see you in November. Other games I have noticed a difference in are Battlefield 4, Destiny, Guilty Gear XRD Revelator, Madden 17 and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4.