Deals: No PS Plus required for this week.

What’s Up PlayStation Nation,

With Black Friday Soon approaching PlayStation is attempting to make the offer to ease your way into the PlayStation community very smooth. That is if you haven’t already. Starting 11/15 into 11/20 the week of black Friday. So far PlayStation has offered free weekend of not only some of the most noteworthy 3rd party titles but also of free Multiplayer access overall. This weeks promotion won’t require any special codes or offers you’ll need to enter. All that’s needed is your PS4 to be powered on and head to your Multiplayer game of choice. This promotional event will last until November 20. Of course there is a catch at the end of this free multiplayer access trial you will be more than likely asked to purchase a PS Plus Subscription of some sorts. However it always your choice of, whether or not you want to purchase a subscription or not. But if that doesn’t help make up your mind we’ve previously reported the games of the month available for PS Plus users. Which you can view via the trailer below.

Novembers Plus Free Games Lineup.

Will you be participating in this week’s free PS Plus offering? What games are you going to play? Comment below let us know. For news like this and more make sure to check back with us here at What’s Up PlayStation.

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