How to Create a PSN Account for any Region (2017)

What’s Up PlayStation

Although we have touched on this in a previous article we’re providing our readers win a more updated run down of how to create a PSN Account for UK, HK,JP regions etc. With that being said here’s how you can make a Non US PSN account and take advantage of some region free games, demos and Dynamic themes on your PS4 console.

What you’ll need before you begin: a real email address you already aren’t using with a PSN account and a valid address in the particular region.

PS Account

  1. Visit the PlayStation Store via web browser.
  2. Click “Create account” and agree to the Terms of Service.
  3. Choose country in your region.
  4. Fill in your date of birth.
  5. Fill in the requested city and zip code information. This is where google is your friend as you can easily look up an address in that region you’re aiming to create your PSN in.
  6. Fill in a real email address and create a new password. Before you can redeem codes or make purchases in the PSN Store, you will have to verify the email address from your email account.
  7. Create a brand new PSN ID and a name.
  8. Go through the privacy settings and make any changes necessary.
  9. Accept the Terms of Service.
  10. Log in to your PS4 with the associated account in the region.
  11. Buy a PlayStation Plus membership or skip it. (Play Asia and CD Keys are your friends)
  12. Activate this system as your primary PS4. If you don’t, you won’t be able to play your new region games on your local PSN account.
  13. Verify your email.
  14. Go to the PS Store and have fun!

Best part? You can switch over to your main PSN ID and play your new region games On your main account.  This is saves and trophies from one account in one place and if you’re a trophy whore (like myself) you can stack your trophies of certain games if you’re looking for easy platinum’s.

Video Courtesy of WUPS’s own @thesarge0079.

So that’s the run down on how to create a PSN on multiple accounts. Let us know in the comment section what do you think!? This is old news for some but new information for many. With that being said make sure to keep us bookmarked and check back with us here at What’s Up PlayStation.

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