New updates available for the PlayStation mobile app!!

What’s Up PlayStation Nation,

Recently via the PS Blog is has been revealed that iOS and Android users will be receiving an update for the PlayStation App on mobile devices and Tablets. This update changes the look of the PS and more. Here’s a run down via the PS Blog:

PlayStation App lets you stay connected to your PlayStation 4 experience wherever you go, and today it is being updated with a completely new design, providing you with a more intuitive and smoother experience to stay connected to your friends and the games you love to play.

A change you’ll notice when you boot up the PS App, are the new tabs at the bottom of the screen for popular features such as What’s New, Friends, and your Profile. It’s now easier and faster to switch between viewing who’s online, what they are playing, and keeping up with the latest activities and posts from your friends and the PlayStation community.


PlayStation AppPlayStation AppPlayStation App

You can now also easily access PlayStation Store, voucher code redemption, and other popular apps and features, including Events, Trophies, PlayStation Plus, and a list of new and upcoming PlayStation 4 games by using the new blue PlayStation button at the bottom.

After the update, the Live from PlayStation feature will no longer be accessible on PS App but you will still be able to spectate the countless game broadcasts from the dashboard of your PS4. Also, the PS4 Second Screen functionality is now a separate standalone app, allowing you to easily switch between its features and the PS App. Just as a reminder, Second Screen can be used as a keyboard to enter text on your PS4 from your mobile device, and also works with games that have a Second Screen feature.

(Editors Opinion: I am not very fond of the removal of the Live from PlayStation Feature. I don’t understand why there’s a removal of it as I feel it was a great feature to have on the go. I hope that PlayStation provides us a reason as to why they are removing apps and making them separate because of as of now it’s becoming more of a hassle than a convenience issue. I do expect for more news to come about replacements or alternatives to these features to be revealed in the future. Along side with this info. I hope to that this news will lead into more of a PS UI revamping. One can only hope though. One thing I personally criticized PS consoles for in the past, is the lazy UI overhauling. There’s always been improvements but I would like to see a new UI for the system overall. Lets hope that this change of the PS App follows up to the PS4 UI making significant changes as well.)

But what do you think of the PS App changes does it bother you at all, or it doesn’t matter to you. Comment below let us know. For news like this and more make to keep us bookmarked and check back with us here at What’s Up PlayStation!

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