Sony Introduces Monetary Rewards for Trophies Earned via PSN

What’s Up PlayStation Nation,

Bright days are now ahead for the avid PlayStation gamer. If you’ve ever heard the statements of: You play too many video games, you play video games all day. Well this weekend’s past news may be a new tool of motivation to play more video games. Cause we all love playing games don’t we? Sony has now introduced via it’s Sony Rewards Program a new implementation to provide gamers with a reason to become fully immersed withing the PlayStation Ecosystem. Sony has introduced a Trophy Rewards System via it’s Sony Rewards Program. Which has been introduced into 3 tiers of rewards. Earning 100 Silver Trophies can earn you about 100 points, 25 Gold Trophies earns about you 250 points, and 10 Platinums equals to 1000 points. No word on if this is a one time time ordeal or if this is promotions applies to Every 10 platinum trophies earned equals to 1,000 points. However as a small summer 1,0000 points equals to about about $10.00. So to summarize each tier equals about $1, $2.50, and $10.  However this is also combined with PSN activity from movies purchased. To Service subscribed to ETC. These points not are easily attainable as it is recommended to link your PSN Account to the Sony Rewards Program.

However it should be noted that since this news, the site has had an abundance of activity and traffic and you may encounter a Internal server error while accessing the site. However if you are able to reach and access the website make sure to link and your PSN account to begin racking up points. You should be able to rack up points pretty easily and apply these points for whatever you like for rewards in the program.


(Editors Opinion: As a self proclaimed trophy whore I think this is a great start for more player activity via the Sony rewards program. This promotes not only more activity with Sony rewards but it promotes more player activity for enjoying and completing the games many of us love to play. Also from a trophy hunter perspective, I feel like this provides more of an understanding for those who say things like trophies do not have purpose outside of bragging rhetoric and so forth so this validates the desire to achieve more trophies.[Which I am currently at 65 platinums.] So this provides a much praised effort in gaming for the Trophy hunter enthusiast)

Last but not least these rewards are not retroactive however for those users who may have signed up and linked their associated accounts via PSN and Sony Rewards. It should be noted that once you’re at the Sony Rewards earn category for PSN Activity you will need to click on the unlock option to active the reward for things such as trophies earned and PSN Activity.  So be sure to have all the aforementioned trophy tier categories unlocked. But what do you think? Are you interested in this rewards system. What would you like to see implemented in the future? Do you feel this is worth the rewards offered? Comment below let us know. For news like this and more make sure to check back with us here at What’s Up PlayStation.

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