Mind of Gamer Podcast Ep. 33 |#PGW2017| GWG vs PS Plus

Welcome to Mind of a Gamer (MOG) Podcast! With your cast: Gaming With Persona, MistaOfficial & DemiGodReviews, we a are a group of gamers coming together in efforts of providing gamers with a more chill podcast on your usual Saturday Mornings. We talk about all things gaming, including controversial topics that come up in the gaming industry. We approach all topics with an open mind and our opinions are our own.  (Mature audiences only) With that being said we’ve provided a layout of our topics we discuss we hope you enjoy it please leave your comment below or via our YouTube Link located below.

You can follow the Topics outline below:

  • GWG vs PS Plus Games of the month
  • Gigantic Devs Big Layoffs
  • RockSteady Rumors
  • Sony Moving to Micro-transactions?
  • Jim Ryan at it again:
  • Polygon’s Take on Video Game Violence
  • PlayStation maintains stance on violent video games


  1. Jamil’s thoughts on Xbox One X
  2. Panel rates Sony’s PGW2017 Conference




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