Answering the Call of the World Warriors Vol. 1

Nerves are bad, hands are shaking… but I’ve got to get ready for the World Warriors II tournament. I’m usually a Bison player but as this tournament is picking up I have to step my game up, if I want to contend with the heavy hitters like Knucklezxbox, IAmSimba, Faddy_12 and CrossoverRD.

Looking back at some of these highlights these fighters are AMAZING and they’re not guys fighting in EVO or in the Capcom Cup. They’re average people like you and me. So starting today I’m going to put my best foot forward to be a better fighter in general. Hopefully I will gravitate to their particular skill level leaving me to cause more havoc to unleash upon my foes. I very well may lose, but it’s all a part of becoming a World Warrior. Stay tuned to see how far I can go on this journey through Street Fighter V, tournament begins March 31, 2017.

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