Street Fighter V World Warriors II Tournament

What’s Up PlayStation Nation,

Last year Street Fighter V World Warriors tournament was an huge success, with over 35 participants and hundreds of people tuning in to watch some of the best Street Fighter V action. For those who enjoy watching or participating in these online Street Fighter V tournaments, I’m happy to announce the next upcoming tournament called “SFV World Warriors II”. SFV World Warriors II will begin on March 31st 8:45 pm EST(subject to change) and will end April 2nd. The check in process will begin two days prior before tournament start date. With all online tournaments I host an challonge account is required to sign up, so just simply create one if interested and to sign up click here. Hope to see you all there.


Here are some details on World Warriors II:

The World Warrior II Tournament lobbies will be private. Only 4 participants will be allowed in the lobby at a time. Once your Matches are complete you will have to leave the lobby. On Friday at 7:45 pm all participants should be ready for their respected matches. Invites will be sent to each individual by the order of match ups listed in the Groups. It is important to pay attention to the Brackets on Challonge and to the live stream( the link will be provided on Friday).

This Tournament will have Double Elimination meaning there will be a Winners and Losers Bracket. Out of the Losers bracket, the winner of that bracket will have the chance to play the Winner of the Winners Bracket in Grand Finals. Match times will be given out on a closer date to tournament time.

Everyone is REQUIRED!!! to write their PSN ID and Capcom Fighter ID within the DISCUSSIONS AREA!!!. If you are on PC all you need is your Capcom Fighter ID. Check Ins start two days prior to tournament time. It is crucial EVERYONE checks in before it’s Tournament time. NO CHECK IN means you will be removed the day of Tournament. It is also crucial everyone pays attention to Challonge for messages and updates on the Tournament. Please read the rules to fully understand this tournament.

The winner of this tournament will receive 100 dollars worth of PSN cards and ANY game of your liking(60 dollar retail price) (subject to change). 2nd place will receive a 50 dollar PSN card and ANY game of your liking (60 dollar retail price) 3rd place will win a 50 dollar PSN card(subject to change). (**Winners can decide weather to receive the PSN gift cards or have the money they earned sent to them via PayPal** )


KANZUKI BEACH, SKIES OF HONOR, AND THE RING OF DESTINY STAGES ARE NOT PERMITTED DURING THIS TOURNAMENT. (If picked you will have to stop the match and re-pick a usable stage)


Save those dates and stay tuned for more updates to come. #RiseUp

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