New Paragon Hero Reveal- Meet Aurora

What’s Up PlayStation Nation!

Epic Games revealed the next hero coming to their MOBA “Paragon” as part of their #EveryThreeWeeks trend on Twitter. Meet Paragon’s latest character Aurora slashes and freezing her way to the roster on January 31st, in which you can play as Aurora for free. It is great to see constant updates for Paragon, giving players tons of strategies to create and variety to choose from.

Check out the trailer below.

Aurora (Fury, Intellect) is an elusive, crowd control specialist whose abilities allow her to manipulate the cold. A powerful initiator, Aurora uses the cold to freeze her enemies and take control of the battle.

  • Frozen Simulacrum (RMB/R1) – Allows Aurora to leap in a target direction, leaving behind a solid ice clone of herself.
  • Glacial Charge (Q/Square) – An icy trail launches Aurora forward, dealing damage, pushing enemies aside and blocking projectiles from the front.
  • Hoarfrost (E/Circle) – Creates a ring of hoarfrost around Aurora, dealing damage and rooting enemies caught in the ice.
  • Cryoseism (R/Triangle) –  Aurora creates an ice earthquake. Enemies in the area will turn to ice, which then explodes, causing damage to the Hero and spreading the effect to other nearby Heroes and minions.


You can download Paragon today for free on PS4 and PC.

For more gaming news make sure to check back with us here at: “What’s Up PlayStation”


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