Upcoming PS4 2017 Exclusives and Console Exclusives

What’s Up PlayStation Nation,

2017 is here and PlayStation is starting the year with a bang, with a new video from the PlayStation EU YouTube channel showing some of the upcoming most exciting console exclusives for PS4 and PlayStation VR. For PS4 owners 2017 is most definitely looking like an impressive year, with tons of exclusives to choose from.


Here are the list of games shown:

Gran Turismo Sport

Drawn to Death

Detroit Becoming Human

Yakuza 0

Farpoint (PSVR)

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy


Gravity Rush 2

WipEout: Omega Collection

MLB The Show 17

Hot Shots Golf (Everybody’s Golf)



Persona 5

World of Warriors

Nex Machina

Knack 2

PaRappa The Rapper

StarBlood Arena (PSVR)

Horizon Zero Dawn


NieR: Automata


Are you interested in the list of games shown? Which games are you planning on picking up in 2017? Let us know in the comments below.

For more gaming news make sure to check back with us here at: “What’s Up PlayStation”.

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