What’s Wrong With Gamers These Days: Final Fantasy 15 (Inspired Rant)

What’s up PlayStation Nation!

I’m bothered by the state of affairs in the gaming community. I don’t understand this new wave of gaming, this easy way of gaming, and this “We get everything given to us on a silver platter” wave of gaming. Whatever happened to be an individual? Whatever happened to playing a game your way? Whatever happened to you being in the game on your own? Well today I’m going on a rant, hopefully this doesn’t offend anyone but I just have to know the answer to these questions.

With Final Fantasy 15 launching tomorrow November 29, 2016, it angers me to see that people are already giving people guides to play the game and level up fast, make a lot of money, and you know stuff that you should just figure out throughout the course the game. I know when we were younger back 10-15 years ago we would have the Game Pro magazines and Nintendo power, but you’d have to actually go to a store to get access to those , if you cared. With today’s social media capabilities, everything just gets spoiled before we even get it. I mean who honestly is looking for strategy guide or tips for Final Fantasy 15. Sure, there’s somebody who makes that stated you got a day make these videos given people tips and tricks in hint on everything specially with YouTube and generating views and revenue through views and all of that greatness, but who is sitting at their house looking for the upper hand in Final Fantasy 15 today before the game releases. It just upsets me to to know that there’s people who will flock to the hundreds of thousands to this video. I’ve seen that were giving tips on how to play Final Fantasy 15 and they won’t even attempt enjoy the game for themselves at first there already playing the game the way somebody else is playing. There was once a time where people would sit together and talk about what they did in the video game and how they got to a certain point and what they went through to beat that part and people would compare what they did that was different.

Nowadays it’s more like “Hey, go check this video out details you how to get past is one part that we have been having trouble with”. It seems as though people have run out of patience for the things that they want. People want to have a good game that looks great but if the game is too long, it loses their attention. People also want a game that’s perfect in every way, but if it’s a short experience they come away with the sense of emptiness. It seems like in effort to please people, you have to go through unconventional means to be the first to do something. Then there’s this group of people who will just watch the game streamed on twitch in because they saw it there, going to tell you that they have experience with the game and it’s not fun or is not good or the story was bad or there was a bad experience in the game based off of the stream and they’ve never even touch the game. It just pains me to see that in a day and age when we have more freedom than ever and some people are content to all do things the exact same way.

I’m going to go ahead and stop myself because I can talk forever. If you’ve ever seen the podcast you know how I can get, but I will leave you with this. I’m not saying it’s bad to make gaming videos and reviews or to give people the tips or anything that’s all fine and well. What my gripe really is is that people can’t let the games launch first. We need to hold some kind of higher penalty over people who have these games are leaving for showing game player and we given walk-through and who already breaking the game down outside of reviews of course, but something needs to happen that punishes people for punishing us. Today its Final Fantasy 15 tips and tricks and walk-through and play-through before the game is launched, next it’ll be horizon zero dawn, then it’ll be god of war 4. We’ve got to start playing these games ourselves and having our own experiences and stop living through the actions of other people. We have to stop allowing others to spoil our fun.


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