The Council-Podcast Episode 95 It’s Proday

What’s Up PlayStation Nation,

Welcome to another episode of The Council-Podcast. We are a conversational podcast where we speak about the games we are playing throughout the week, on gaming new that happened during the week, and set topics where we save until later on during the show. Episode 95 special guest were Dreology619 and Bella Ryse from Real Game Media. So sit back, relax, but most importantly enjoy the podcast. Also Happy Proday!


  1. Sales/Xbox wins October NPD’s
  2. Black Friday deals
  3. PS4 Pro updates/talk
  4. Who’s coming to PlayStation Experience 2016
  5. Sharefactory 2.0 update/GiFs are here
  6. Overwatch free weekend inbound
  7. Paragon latest character
  8. 10th year PSN celebration
  9. PS Vue loses Viacom channels


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