PlayStation Is Preparing Over 30 PS4 Games That Will Be “PS4 Pro Ready” At Launch!!

What’s up PlayStation Nation!

#Provember is among us. It’s not only a few days to go before we all get a chance to relive that experience of unboxing a brand spanking new console. Alongside with that anticipation of a new console being in our hands soon. The fine folks over PlayStation (although mum on the advertising end of things outside of Call of Duty) have been dropping a lot of info about games to be supported launch and post launch. The turnout is bigger than many have expected: As reported via the PlayStation EU Blog: Here’s the list below of games to be supported:

Also to be included with the listed above games, more than 45 games will be optimized for PS4 Pro by the end of the year, including Watch Dogs 2, Killing Floor 2, The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XV, with the likes of Nioh, Resident Evil 7 and For Honor to follow in early 2017.

Here’s a bit of what’s to be offered for such titles like Nioh. It has 4 graphical modes on PS4 Pro 2 for 4K users it has Native 4K at 30fps which is called “Movie Mode”  Action mode at 1080p and a stable 60fps. HD users have the same options as well just locked at 1080p. As you can see below:


Options like the photo above are just a taste of what gamers are clamoring for. Last but not least tidbit of great news, all first party software launched in 2017 and beyond, including Gravity Rush 2, Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone and Gran Turismo Sport, will enjoy the benefits of the world’s most powerful console.

Are you excited for some of these games receiving PS4 Pro Support? What games would you like to see supported in the future for new games and games that are already released? Comment below let us know. For more “PS4 Pro related news” all things PlayStation related,make sure to check back here at What’s Up PlayStation.

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