Killing Floor 2 Open Beta Begins November 4 & PS4 Pro Details

What’s Up PlayStation Nation!

Are you into cooperative shooters with terrifying enemies and the options of unique weaponry and perk classes? There’s good news for you! Killing Floor 2 will be releasing very soon and there will be an open beta beginning November 4th. As reported via the PlayStation Blog:

We’re excited to announce that a PS4 multiplayer open beta will be starting tomorrow on November 4 at 10:00 AM Pacific and will be running through Sunday November 6!

The Killing Floor 2 open beta on PS4 will feature the following:

  • 2 Multiplayer Modes — Survival and Versus Survival
  • 3 Maps — Burning Paris, Biotics Lab, Evac Point
  • 1 Offline Training Mission
  • 9 Perk Classes
  • 14 Characters

The full version of Killing Floor 2 launches on November 18!

PS4 Pro has allowed us to take Killing Floor 2’s visuals to the next level of fidelity. Resolution, memory, and performance are the three key ways the PS4 Pro enhances Killing Floor 2.

First on the point of resolution for players that have a 4K TV and a PS4 Pro. Killing Floor 2 runs at a higher 1800p resolution that is then up-scaled to 4K 2160p resolution, unlocking the gaming potential of your 4K screen. The extra resolution increases overall environment, weapon, and character detail beyond what is perceivable on a 1080p display.

Environment details such as foliage and distant level meshes have a new level of definition. Enemies (Zeds) in the world seen at medium to long distances have many more pixels defining them, making it just a bit easier to get that head shot. Killing Floor 2’s over-the-top gore system has never looked better with persistent blood reflecting the world and characters in high resolution.

The extra memory on PS4 Pro allows us to activate our ultra textures that have higher resolution over the standard PS4. The ultra textures add extra surface detail to everything in the game including first-person weapons, arms, zeds, and the levels themselves.

These high-res textures will be used whether the player is playing on a 4K TV or a standard 1080p display. In addition to the ultra textures, the extra memory allowed us to increase our dynamic shadow resolution. Killing Floor 2’s custom deferred renderer uses a number of shadowing techniques including dynamic shadows. When these dynamic shadows are used they will be crisper and higher resolution on PS4 Pro then the standard PS4. When playing on a 1080p TV, Killing Floor 2 is effectively super sampled, resulting in much higher quality and smoother anti-aliasing.

All of this is achieved without compromising on performance. Killing Floor 2 runs at an increased frame rate when using a PS4 Pro on a 1080p display. Whether you have a 4K or 1080p TV, Killing Floor 2 is going to look amazing on a PS4 Pro.

Tripwire Interactive and Gio Corsi once debuted this game during 2013’s PSX press event and since we’ve heard only a little about around it’s release over the years. Over the years there were only small tidbits of info of PlayStation related news for this game. Since the recently revealed PS4 Pro event this sentiment has changed. A brand spanking new trailer has been released alongside this information today which you can see below:

What do you think of this game are you interested? Killing Floor 2 is also available in the PlayStation Store for Pre-Order. What options would you like to see for the PS4 Pro version implementation wise. Comment below let us know. For more open beta and all things PlayStation related make sure to check back  with us here at What’s Up PlayStation.

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