The Council-Podcast Episode 92 PS Red Dead VR

What’s Up PlayStation Nation,

Welcome to another episode of The Council-Podcast. We are a conversational podcast where we speak about the games we are playing throughout the week, on gaming new that happened during the week, and set topics where we save until later on during the show. Tonight it was a honor having Bella Ryse from Real Game Media as our special guest. It is always a real treat to hear her perspective on video games and the gaming industry. So sit back, relax, but most importantly enjoy the podcast.


  1. Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer/partnership with PlayStation
  2. PlayStation 4 welcomes a new feature called Tournaments in partnership with ESL
  3. Mod reservation space for Skyrim Remaster
  4. A New Elgato gaming capture device on it’s way?
  5. PSN schedule maintenance on October 25th
  6. PSVR talk/ Star Trek Bridge Crew Delayed until March 2017
  7. Persona 5 arena?


  1. Snow paid beta on October 25th
  2. Battlefront Ultimate Edition
  3. New Paragon character reveal- Countess
  4. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare beta- Classic Terminal map reveal


  1. When did misinformation and the lack of experience become more enticing to gamers?
  2. Why is there a lack of PS4 Pro marketing?


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