World of Final Fantasy Demo Arrives Next Week

What’s Up PlayStation Nation,


From the first time my eyes saw World of Final Final, I instantly fell in love with the game. From the whimsical charm to the character design it displays, World of Final Fantasy has been on my personal top list of the most anticipated games to play this year. Square Enix doesn’t want to just reach the RPG enthusiast, they want a wide array of gamers on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita to gain interest for this title. Earlier today Square Enix announced that the World of Final Fantasy will receive an playable demo on October 17th for the PS4 and PS Vita. If you complete this demo, it will grant you something special in the full game when it releases October 25th, 2016. Are you ready? I just hope it’s a Cloud Strife summon. For anyone that pre orders World of Final Fantasy, they can secure the day one Sepiroth summon and original Japanese Voice Overs.


If the news on the playable demo isn’t enough to entice you. Check out the cinematic anime opening video below.

Source: Youtube

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