PlayStation VR Launch Game Trailers

What’s Up PlayStation Nation,

With PlayStation VR releasing tomorrow, I wanted to take the time to show everyone the launch title trailers for Sony’s newly device. One thing I can honestly tell people when it comes to PSVR, there is most definitely no lack of content for those that took the plunge into VR. It is also important to note that every PSVR unit comes with a PSVR demo disc, which will also be available digitally to download.


Are you ready for VR? Which launch titles caught your interest? Let us know in the comments below. Other launch titles include The Playroom VR, Tumbler VR, Hustle Kings, and Driveclub VR.


Here are the trailers for the launch PSVR titles:

RIGS Mechanized Combat League:


Eve: Valkyrie:

Super Stardust Ultra:



VR Worlds:

Batman: Arkham VR:

Job Simulator:

Rez Infinite:

The Assembly:

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood:


Wayward Sky:

Here They Lie:

Harmonix Music VR:

100ft Robot Golf:


Source: Youtube


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