Japan is Ready for PlayStation VR

What’s Up PlayStation Nation!

We are only hours away from the launch of PlayStation VR, and gamers are already lining up outside of their local GameStops, Best Buys or at home clearing space waiting for their delivery.

Japanese gamers started lining up in front of  “Yodobashi Akiba” a popular store in Japan around 3 AM, and the store opens at 9:30 AM. Picture below was taken by Twitter user Success.

Hours later you can see the line going around the corner towards the subway station, shown by twitter user kirifurikogen and halne369. According to them there were about 150 people at this time.

About an hour later kaztsu took a picture of the same line which grew to 200 people!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now we definitely seen longer lines from Japan years ago, but I’ll say this is a positive sign for a device that some gamers consider a gimmick. How do feel about PSVR? Will you be picking it up day one? Are you still not sold on VR yet?

For more gaming news make sure to check back with us here at: “What’s Up PlayStation”.

Source: Dualshockers

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