Happy PSVR’s Eve Everyone!!!!!

Hello everybody,

Welcome to another episode of “This is Greatness“. It’s officially the pre-release day of the PlayStation VR and I couldn’t be more excited to get this piece of greatness in my house. The countdown until launch day has been a long and grueling process, but we finally made it. For those who are as excited as I am, I can’t wait to come home, kiss my wife, and lay down for about three hours. Then get up and get ready to get my PlayStation VR headset at the midnight release. I know there are some people that are a little bit skeptical about PlayStation VR but after my experience with it at PlayStation Experience last year and more recently after playing a game called Thumper, which is one of the first PSVR games available in the PlayStation Store (playable outside of VR), my mind and stance for this new experience PSVR can offer, is made up.


With Thumpermy first initial thought was, “Man, with a game based on a beetle, this can’t be good”. I’ve wasted more money on worse games in prior game purchases (Shout out to The Division). I had to ask, “Is it really worth my time to pay $20 dollars to see what this game could possibly offer in VR?  The answer to that question is quite simply, Yes! Thumper is a game on a whole new level when it comes to speed and testing your reflexes. Sure you can get a feel for the rhythm on the patterns when they repeat and you seeing things that are easily recognizable. So you get the gist of the game very quickly when it happens, but nothing prepares you for the speed and the vibrancy of that game. Thumper is definitely a must have experience. I’m not sure about the VR experience just quite yet, but I know that it will be great for many taking the plunge into VR and for $20 dollars it won’t hurt the pocket too much.

The thing I’m most excited for with the VR games coming out is the fact that, it seems like developers are not afraid to be themselves again. You see a lot of games that aren’t afraid to take a risk on being creative been released for PSVR and VR in general. You have games like RIGS, Keep Talking and No One Explodes, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, 100 Foot Robot Golf, and Job Simulator. You even see the depth of some of your favorite franchises that have already released like Final Fantasy 14 and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Well, I have to get going…work is about start up pretty soon, but if you get a second, stop by YouTube and watch people play the Resident Evil 7 demo – “The Kitchen” and see how it affects people. Give it a shot…if you don’t love it I’m pretty sure you at least like it. It’s time to get my day over with so, I’ll see you guys after the midnight launch. In the meantime, check out this game play from Thumper created by yours truly. This is my first time getting my hands on the game and I know it’s a little rough but the game feels a lot faster than it looks. Happy PSVR’s Eve everyone!

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