Final Fantasies… Journal of a Hero vol. 1

What’s Up PlayStation Nation,


This is the first entry into the mind of a character from Final Fantasy 14. Hope you all enjoy.

14th of the 2nd Astral Moon

Hello Journal. After a long day of mining, it’s finally time to retire to the Inn. My Free Company keeps calling, wanting me to check in and help out with things around the house, annoying the living hell out of me. I’m Loki Battle damnit!!!! I’m the Prideless Lion, the uncrowned king with no kingdom. This is my land, these are my people but my family has fallen from grace and my brothers and sister are spread throughout the realm. My campaign to regain my family’s honor will be a long one but… wait a minute… I hear yelling in the distance. Sounds like there’s a merchant under attack which is great news because my greatsword Loyalty is hungry. Be right back journal, I have to go paint the snow red.

22nd of the Astral Moon

Damn you Journal, where have you been? Those piece of crap Kobolds are up to no good. They have been trying to collect aether and summon that blasted Lord of Crags, the primal known and feared throughout the land known as Titan. I don’t know if I can handle this fight alone again. He almost killed me last time and I swore I was going to be more social fight with a group when possible but all I’ve manage to do is train my chocobo Thor. I can NOT let the Kobolds succeed. If I have to become the enemy of all Kobolds to prevent primals around the realm from appearing, well that’s what I have to do. Sleep well journal. Tomorrow Loyalty and Thor will feast on Kobolds.

24th of the Astral Moon

It was worse than I feared Journal… The Kobolds must have been robbing merchants of aetheryte crystals for months. Titan was already sommoned when i finally caught up with the camp. There were some brave souls already there but they don’t seem to have nearly enough power to subdue this beast. I had to protect them so I pulled out Pride and Joy, my trusty sword and shield. Normally i greet these situations with a smile but this may prove too much. We fought for our lives and very well everyone else in La Noscea. Casters were slinging fire, poisoning and trying their best to keep everyone alive. The melee crew was in there clawing and scratching but really kept getting in each others way. Too much was going on to formulate a strategy, so i yelled for the casters to go all out and for the fighters to get out the way as I jumped into action. I’m deflecting spells that miss back towards the beast as we engage in a furious exchange of violence then I see it, Titan’s heart. I tried and tried to stab this thing but to no avail. The situation was getting dire and i was running low on steam. If I was going to to finish this I had to do it quick or so i thought… so I stabbed and sliced for all I was worth but nothing happened. In a fit of rage I punched the beast in the face and it hurt him. Instincts kicked in soon as i realized i hurt him so I climbed up on the shoulders of the beast and repeatedly bashed my shield against his face until he faded away. He may have bested my Pride but no one can ever take my Joy.


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