Ape Escape 3 PS4 Reappears

What’s Up PlayStation Nation!

According to DualShockers the PS2 classic Ape Escape 3 has been rated by ESRB again hinting a possible release in the future.

As stated this isn’t the first time Ape Escape 3 has appear on the net for PS4. Back in December  the game popped up along side other games such as Wild Arms 3, Siren, Primal, and other games as well.sonyps4-650x425

Ape Escape 2 released on PS4 back in August, so I do believe we’ll see Ape Escape 3 in future. What are your thoughts on Ape Escape 3 returning on PS4?

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Source: http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/10/11/ape-escape-3-rated-for-ps4-again-by-esrb/

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