Who Should be the Next Street Fighter 5 DLC Characters?

What’s Up PlayStation Nation,

On September 22nd, Capcom released all of season’s 1 DLC characters in Street Fighter V, with Urien being the last of the six. Upon that day I was left asking myself this question. Who would you like to see as the next 6 DLC characters for Street Fighter V? So I compiled a list of six characters I would like to see in season 2 for Street Fighter V next year. Even though the cinematic story given in June could’ve showed some clues on which character could be next for Street Fighter V. With these six characters, I am more intrigued to see how Capcom would implement them within SFV than any other characters in the Street Fighter franchise.

What will be there V-skill, V-trigger, or V-reversal? Capcom has done such a great job with the characters in SFV, so I’m positive the 6 characters I list would get the same treatment in SFV.

image1.Sakura Kasugano– Sakura is not only one of my favorite characters in the Street Fighter series but it would be amazing to see her continue you her rivalry with Karin Kanzuki in SFV. Also I would love to see how her fighting skills have improved and which of her move sets Capcom will turn into using the V-skill or V-trigger mechanics. I getting so excited just thinking about it.


2. Fei Long- Let’s face it Fei Long is a needed character in SFV. Street Fighter V needs the king of the Rekka Ken. Currently in Street Fighter V only has Karin has the ability to do Rekka’s. For those wondering what are Rekka’s, its a special move that could be chained added the motion three times in a row. The style is name after a special move performed by Fei Long’s in Street Fighter 2. Making Fei Long the original Rekka Ken based fighter.


3. Akuma(Gouki)MESSATSU! How did Akuma appear in Tekken 7 before Capcom’s own fighter? I don’t know but I will say this, a lot of Street Fighter fans are waiting for that special Street Fighter V Akuma’s Trailer. Akuma has long history with the Street Fighter franchise and it would be lovely to see his legacy continue within SFV fighting mechanics. What would his V-skill or V-trigger be?



4. Sagat– Street Fighter V needs the king of Muay Thai. Not a lot of people will say this but Sagat is an iconic character. Sagat will bring more depth into Street Fighter V’s story. Especially with him not having any animosity with Ryu anymore, which was shown in his ending in Street Fighter IV. What changes would we see from Sagat in SFV?  Also who wouldn’t want to see dozens of Tiger Fireballs thrown at them or get hit with a Tiger Uppercut from Sagat’s long reach. Ok enough sarcasm! Capcom bring Sagat back please!



5. Sean Matsuda– Nothing like some brotherly and sisterly love in a fighting game. I loved the brother and sister dynamic between Sean and his big sister Laura in SFV’s story. It would be nice to see that continue within his personal SFV story or just a victory taunt after beating Laura in a match. Sean’s Fighting style was most definitely unique in Third Strike and SFV needs more unique fighting styles. He was kinda like Shoto but with a different style, also I want to see the basketballs comeback. So Ken Masters hurry up and get the teaching some moves with this kid.



6. Q– Many things has yet to be revealed with this man of mystery. Q was a character I avoided in Third Strike, but I am so curious to see how he would be implemented in Street Fighter V. I remember a lot of people wanting to see Q in Street Fighter IV but somehow he never made it to the game. It would be really disappointing not seeing him in SFV. I want to see some of his background being revealed in SFV. Capcom lets make this happen!



Street Fighter has such a great selection of characters to pick from within the franchise, but these are my personal top six characters I would like to see make an appearance as the next DLC characters for Street Fighter V. What are your top six characters you would like to see next? Let me know in the comments section below.





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