Can You Really See HDR Right Now on the PlayStation 4?

Hello PlayStation Nation,

Today I want to share my views on the PlayStation 4 in HDR. Now granted these are my personal opinions and I’m only expressing my views on the experiences I have using HDR, on my Sony Bravia 43x800D. So what is HDR? HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and “refers to a technique that heightens a picture’s dynamic range – the contrast between the brightest whites and the darkest blacks”.

I believe most games are made with High Dynamic Range rendering. Many people are saying there is no way to notice HDR on PlayStation 4 right now because there is not much HDR capable media out yet. With Sony being a hardware company they can get the best out of the console and their TV’s. So what is the use in making HDR active on the PlayStation 4 currently if you will not be able to see any benefit of it? Basically all HDR does is maximizes the luminosity in a picture. In other words make it to the brightest possible within certain parameters and it creates a greater distinction between your lightest lights in your darkest darks. Which genuinely creates a better depth, texture detail and shadows within your TV.

Like I stated earlier, I own a 43 inch Sony 4K HDR X800D and in the settings I have the option of turning the HDR off, leaving it on auto and turning it on. I recognize that if you put it on auto nothing changes but what happens if you turn the HDR to on on your TV? Will you get a greater range of colors would you get brighter brights to go with your already dark shades or will the picture just stay stagnant like it already was? This is not just playing with the tint in the color and contrast in the color settings on the TV. Even if you switch to a different color setting, what happens if you turn on the HDR on the TV manually? Let’s see what happens when we change the HDR settings on the TV from off to on.

The second you turn on HDR you get an explosion of colors coming from the screen. Not only are the colors brighter, the brightness of these colors extends to a greater range. This enhancement of colors not only makes the picture quality more vibrant, it also creates a greater detail within the finer points of objects on your screen.

There were times where you can be in a room like on Infamous First Light and the lights come on but the room still seems a little dark. With HDR on you will notice the room’s lighting is much better and the gang has a much more vibrant colors making the game more of a visual masterpiece than it already was. One of the more impressive points was watching Fitch talk during the cut scene and I switch from HDR on to all and you could notice to complete change in detail in her character based on lighting not like the detail became greater but the lighting became greater in the lighting made her look better because it was more realistic.

I also took a look at the character select screen on Final Fantasy 14, granted, I have not heard anything about Final Fantasy 14 being made in HDR I figured it was probably rendered in HDR anyway might as well see what we can see because there’s a ton of lightning Final Fantasy 14. When I turned on HDR the first thing I noticed was of course the lighting improve and that only did the lighting improve, the armor went from looking like leather to actual metal.There some details that I can see that you guys can not see because you know I am in front of the TV and you just looking at video or picture. I wish that people could see Costa del Sol in with HDR on around noon in game time because Final Fantasy 14 has a day night cycle and when the sun is directly overhead the sun’s rays beam on you and you get the enhanced lighting. It is even more beautiful than before.

So in closing, if you do have Sony 4K TV with HDR on it, turn on your HDR and see if you do not notice a better picture when you are playing PlayStation 4. I honestly did not know what to expect when I bought my TV. I know people always say old things look so much better on a new TV which they should I mean it is a new TV, but the new TV difference plus the HDR difference was well worth my money. I am very satisfied with the PlayStation 4, I’m satisfied with my TV and I am expecting more with the PlayStation 4 Pro. I will have more updates coming soon see you in November. Other games I have noticed a difference in are Battlefield 4, Destiny, Guilty Gear XRD Revelator, Madden 17 and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4.

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