Is Atom Universe PlayStation’s Alternative to PS Home on PS4 and PC?

What’s Up PlayStation Nation,

Atom Universe has been in the PlayStation 4 store for quite a while. I tried it once out of curiosity a while back during it’s early release of being a small demo and thought nothing more of it. It was a bit lacking in content activity and didn’t provide much for an experience. In fact I wasn’t sure what the game was entirely about. But now as things have changed you can get a general feel and idea of this title below.

From the looks of the trailer this is coming off as a more revamped and next gen driven spiritual successor of PlayStation Home. From gaming social spaces and inviting friends over to your living quarters. Which is all too reminiscent from many of the features PlayStation Home included. The title is currently available via Early access on Steam and will be releasing for an “official” early access period on PS4 this September 23rd, 2016. It should also be noted this title is cross platform as it allows social interaction with steam users as well. The Early access will be available in limited regions, As stated below from the video above:

Explore an ambitious virtual world, chat online & meet new friends. Coming soon: 09/23/2016 to PlayStation 4™ in North & South America.

What are your thoughts PlayStation Nation. Are you interested in this title? Does it remind you of PlayStation Home or something rather different. Comment below and let us know. For more PlayStation related news, previews and reviews make sure to check here at:


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