Drawn to Death Reveals New Map,Character and Content for PAX West 2016

What’s Up PlayStation Nation!

Drawn to Death is a fun and innovative title that brings a refresher to the 3rd person shooter genre. Many were impressed since it’s 2014 reveal in Las Vegas at Sony’s PlayStation Experience event, when the title was introduced and many gamers such as myself couldn’t wait to their hands on the title. David Jaffe loves what he does and this recent reveal for this upcoming Free-To-Play Title  Drawn to Death shows. Since it’s PSX 2014 reveal this game has been loads of fun. For some of the fortune players of PSN who’ve gotten access to the private access beta. There has been nothing but positive feedback in regards to the Drawn to Death game. The community has been very integral to many of the changes over the years to make this the most challenging, refreshing and fun 3rd person shooter experience on the PlayStation Brand. Not to mention it’s Free-To-Play!! But with all this being said the new content should prove that there is definitely heart and dedication to provide us gamers with the best experience possible.

Here’s a sneak peek at the latest content from Drawn to Death, the brawler/shooter hybrid from Game Director David Jaffe. What’s waiting for you inside the pages of the notebook? Jump in and find out!

There’s a new level called Bloodbath, a mansion where the walls drip blood and the secret passages are filled with ghostly booby traps, and two new characters:



and Ninjaw


Check out the trailer below:

Hopefully we can get word of it’s official release soon, as this game is shaping up well and looks more enticing each preview. For those you who have or haven’t played the game are you excited to play Drawn to Death? What do you think of the new characters and Map?  Comment below let us know. And more news make sure to check back here at WhatsUpPlayStation.com

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