BlazBlue: Central Fiction Coming this Fall 2016

What’s Up PlayStation Nation,

Aksys Games and Arc System Works has been working diligently to bring, BlazBlue: Central Fiction this fall exclusively to PS4 and PS3. PlayStation fighting game fans should be happy to hear a Limited Edition was also announced, with some cool stuff inside. BlazBlue: Central Fiction is the final Chapter of the BlazBlue saga. So BlazBlue fans I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss this one.


Here is what’s in the Limited Edition:

  • Deluxe Hardcover Art Book — Contains 100 pages of BlazBlue art celebrating the history of gaming’s flashiest 2D fighting series!
  • Mini Noel Vermillion Nendoroid Figure — Supervised by Toshimichi Mori and forged by the masters at Good Smile. Noel strikes an iconic pose, sure to mesmerize collectors and fans alike!
  • BlazBlue Song Interlude III Soundtrack — Ten tracks of in-game goodness bound to up your fighting drive!


Also a new challenger is coming to the BlazBlue roster. Es from Xblaze is ready for a fight in BlazBlue: Central Fiction. Es will be available to download for free on the PS store the first two weeks upon launch. She will be available for both PS4 and PS3 versions.


In my opinion: Adding the final chapter of the BlazBlue saga, within the vast variety of fighting games on the PS4. Just gave a clear indication that solidifies the PS4 dominance when it comes to fighting games.

Will you be picking up BlazBlue: Central Fiction this holiday? Let us know in the comments below. For more gaming news make sure to check back with us here at: “What’s Up PlayStation”.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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