(Rumor Alert!!!!) PS4 Slim & PS Neo to be Revealed Next Month

What’s Up PlayStation Nation,


According to rumors from Gamerant. The PlayStation 4 slim and PlayStation Neo, announcement will come next month on. The rumor comes from a French gaming news website, which is commonly known for leaking insider’s information. Claiming that Sony will host an event on September 7th revealing both PS4 slim and PlayStation Neo.

(Update)This is now being confirmed from multiple sources, according to Patrick Klepek.


A lot of PlayStation fans are anticipating news from Sony for PlayStation Neo. Begging to question, where is the official announcement on the newly revised PS4? Why is Sony being so quiet about PS Neo? Hopefully there will be a release date and official specifications that comes with this reveal. If the rumor becomes true. But for now take this for a grain of salt! We will try our best to keep you updated on the PS4 Slim and PS Neo, when we get more information.

Are you excited to see newly revised PS4’s? What are your thoughts on this rumor? Let us know in the comments below.

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Source:Gamerant, Twitter

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