It’s Madden Season!!!!!

What’s up PlayStation Nation!

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year it’s officially Madden season! Whether you are a die-hard fan of a team or just the best ultimate team player in the world. Madden 17 is in less than three weeks away and the excitement is building. EA Sports has released the top five players at each position, but I am here today to bring you a even better treat from EA.


Today EA made sure you can look at the ratings for every player, on every team here on the EA Sports website for Madden 17. So sit back, relax, and review your favorite team or players stats and ratings. I am a Seattle Seahawks fan but for this roster breakdown. I want to highlight my sleeper team for the upcoming season, the Tennessee Titans.

Tennessee Titans QB Marcus Mariota may be a 79 overall. But with an 88 speed and 90 acceleration, he will be a one man wrecking crew against over anxious defenses. The combination of DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry should make users feel comfortable with their nearly identical speed, agility, and acceleration. If you have to sub it will still feel like you are using the same player. Finally, with the starters in the secondary all around 80 awareness. They should have a great eye for opportunities whenever you can generate any kind of pressure.


The countdown to Madden 17 is upon us. If you would like to talk trash or talk scheme feel free to do so in the comment section below. We can get this Madden 17 football season started right.

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Source: EA Sports


6 thoughts on “It’s Madden Season!!!!!

    1. Whhhaaaattttt!!!!!! Eagles fans do exist!!! Bring them out to play on the 23rd well 27th. We might need some practice time


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