5 Changes Needed to Unlock the PlayStation 4’s Untapped Potenial

What’s Up PlayStation Nation,

The PlayStation 4 is already a great console. But why stop at just being great? With firmware update 4.0 incoming, I thought about 5 changes I would like to see for the PS4. With these changes implemented, I’m sure the PS4 can unlock its untapped potential.


1.Better organization with Libraries

Currently library is organized by All (every application and Game on the PS4), Games, Applications, and TV/Video. Having these 4 categories are fine within the first couple of months in with the PS4. But given some time you will soon to realize, the more games you purchase and delete. The PlayStation 4’s Library can become a mess.


The PS4 needs a better solution on sorting games in the Library. Separating games we currently have downloaded on the system, the deleted games, and the games Preordered from the PS store. A search function should be implemented in the Library. Typing in the name of the game would drastically cut down on the continuous scrolling, we have to do to find a specific game.

2. Auto Syncing/Tracking Trophies

It’s 2016 and PlayStation owners still have to manually sync trophies. I’m yet to understand why this wasn’t implemented with the PS4. It can be really annoying having to manually sync your trophies every time you earn them.


One of my favorite features for the Xbox One is Achievement Tracking. Achievement Tracking lets you know how far away you are from achieving that specific Achievement. I think this would be genius for Trophy hunters. Some would say it would conflict with the rarity system Trophies have now. But I think it would be awesome for majority of PlayStation owners.

3. Communities need some Improvements

When communities was added to PS4, it was great to see a dedicated social networking feature actually on the system. But as you continue to use this feature. You start to see the areas it falls short on. Responding to someone takes you away from the community. Currently you can only send a message, or view a profile, when trying to engage with community members.


Communities would be so much better, if it had a Reply function within it. Having tons of members writing on the community wall, and not having a way to respond to comments or pics directly, is a huge let down in my opinion. Even having a like button would be nice.



4. External HDD Support

Right now the PS4 has the option to swap out the Internal HDD, which is a great feature. But having External HDD support would be amazing. Majority of hardcore gamers are left to deleting games, due to the limited shortage space on the console. Currently the PS4 lets you store your game saves and game clips on a external storage device. But what about the games? Having the option to use a External storage device for your games, would be AMAZING!!



Honestly this is a feature I generally don’t think is too important. But with the PlayStation community outcry for this to happen, it had to be on the list. I’m just hoping this feature comes sooner than later. So please let us change our PSN names.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 6.55.50 AM

Well there you have it. My top 5 changes, I would like to see happen on the PlayStation 4. What are some things you would like to see changed or added on the PS4? Let us know in the comments below.

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