Street Fighter V Capcom Pro Tour Premier DLC Pack/With More Content Coming

What’s Up PlayStation Nation,

Yesterday during EVO 2016, Capcom has announced a new DLC pack for Street Fighter V. Introducing the SFV- Capcom Pro Tour Premier Package. The package contains, Chun-Li CPT costume($5.99 separately), Cammy CPT costume($5.99 separately), and a mystery CPT costume which will be announced at a later date. The Package also includes a really cool looking new stage, Ring of Destiny($9.99 separately). And EX2 colors for all 22 characters (all sixteen launch characters and the six 2016 DLC characters). Last but not least two special in game titles ‘Capcom Cup 2016 and Capcom Pro Tour 2016‘. You can show your support for SFV and Capcom Pro Tour for just $24.99. The SFV CPT Premier Pack is available now in the PlayStation Store. Which all the money earned will go towards making the Capcom Pro Tour bigger and better. Also it will help out with Capcom Cup 2016 prize pool.

Also on Twitter, some information pertaining to future incoming content for SFV was revealed yesterday during Capcom’s SFV panel. With the original Ibuki’s costume and Alex’s SFIII third strike ending costume. Bison Street Fighter II stage was also shown. More info to come for Street Fighter V. Keep the content coming…

Check out the Trailer for the CPT Premier Package:

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Source: PlayStation Store, Capcom-Unity, Twitter

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