Balrog’s Trailer with Urien and Juri Teased

What’s Up PlayStation Nation,

Balrog was finally shown at CEO 2016 this weekend. Capcom revealed the 4th DLC character in Street Fighter V latest trailer. Capcom even showed Street Fighter V fans a little teaser, of two other DLC characters. In June, SFV owners will have a huge update coming their way. The update includes the 3-4 hour story mode, changes to online matchmaking, and two DLC characters. The boxer Balrog and due to her delay in May- everyone’s favorite Kunoichi, Ibuki.


The next update will also bring premium battle costumes. Giving players more customization options with their favorite character(s). Also the classic Las Vegas stage from Street Fighter II, making it’s return in SFV. Another new stage is coming along with this update, The Kanzuki Family Private Beach.

Juri and Urien were teased, just showing a taste of what’s to come from the two popular characters. Juri was a fan favorite in Street Fighter IV. And Urien from Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact and 3rd Strike, bringing back his Aegis Reflector in Street Fighter V.

Check out Balrog’s trailer below:

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