Farpoint: The New PS VR Exclusive

What’s Up PlayStation Nation,

A plethora of PSVR games, were announced during PlayStation’s E3 2016 press conference. But there is one that stood out tremendously from all the games shown. That game is called Farpoint. Coming to exclusively to PS VR, when it launches on October 13th this year When I saw Farpoint, I instantly got the concept they were trying to convey within the trailer. Farpoint is a Sci-fi first person shooter, where the player is left stranded on a hostile alien planet. Players will have to survive, as they explore this rigorous yet mysterious planet.

In my opinion, “This is one of those VR experiences needed, to sell consumers weary about purchasing a VR headset.” 

During E3, the small development team- Impulse Gear are also working really close with Sony Interactive Entertainment(SIE). To bring PSVR players a new experience with VR introducing the PSVR aim controller.

PSVR Aim Controller

Here is more information on the PSVR aim controller from the PlayStation Blog:

The PS VR Aim Controller offers the most realistic and precise way to control our game. With direct 1 to 1 tracking, you aim in Farpoint just as you would in real life. How you hold and where you point the controller are directly matched in the game. This allows you to do things in Farpoint that just are not possible in a standard FPS game. It also provides an unbelievable sense of presence in the virtual world.


Check out Farpoint’s E3 2016 trailer below:

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Source: PlayStation Blog

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