What Are We Really Expecting From Next Gen Gaming

What’s Up PlayStation Nation,

In 2013 when we were on the cusp of entering this generation of gaming we had all these expectations of gaming. There were questions like… What resolution will these games be? What are these new games going to look like? What features will be implemented with the consoles and the games? Will we really notice a difference between last gen and this one? Well here we are 3 years later and yes, next gen is here and I do think people are not really ready for it based off some reactions from Sony’s 2016 E3 presentation.

First off, Sony came out swinging with it’s God of War 4 presentation. God of War looked more realistic than it ever has before. The rich environment, life like presentation of Kratos, a giant deer that looked so real you could almost touch it, and some of the most intense combat ever presented on stage was breath taking but after all of that you had people left with a feeling of this is not the God of War they knew. I do not blame them for the thought, actually, I had the exact same thought. This was the next gen difference, the reason we upgraded, the proof that all the hard work the game devs and the PlayStation engineers put in was showing up. Sure, if looks unfamiliar, but it is supposed to. Games in 2016 are not supposed to look or feel like a game made in 2006.

A little later in the conference they showed their VR presentation and as a fan i could not have been more impressed. Some of our most anticipated titles, Final Fantasy XV, Resident Evil 7 and Star Wars: Battlefront showed their VR adaptations and some people are still on the fence. I understand that until people actually have access to VR the will not grasp the full potential of it, but I personally have tried it. Let me tell you something about life… VR is a GAME CHANGER!!! It is hard to get the experience from outside the visor without a headset on but you can put trust in me that the VR experience is definitely the next step in gaming. Does it change the way some of these games are presented, of course it does. VR is designed to put you in the games not just let you watch what you already see on screen.

Last thing I will talk about is the appearance of Crash Bandicoot in Skylanders. I know for a lot of people this is a bit of a let down, but this is step one in getting the next gen Crash. Skylander’s version of Crash will probably be the best we see him look for a good minute and he will be the perfect add on in a game as character rich as Skylanders. The future starts here and I can guarantee you that the overhaul of the Crash Bandicoot experience will be a joy ride though Skylanders and the remaster of 3 previous games to get you ready for his comeback.

In closing, next gen gaming means we have to be prepared for the unknown. Some of the things we see will seem uncomfortable and unfamiliar but to experience gaming in the next gen we have to venture into the unknown as these developers try to bring us the most immersive and dynamic experiences possible. You can not be willing to buy the new consoles to not try the new experiences. Each new adventure starts with the first step. I hope your shoes are tied tight and you have packed a lunch. Next gen gaming is here. You do not have to be afraid of evolution.

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