Final Fantasy XIV Update 3.3 is Here

What’s Up PlayStation Nation!

Finally it is time to save Eorzea! The end of the Dragonsong War is at hand. Will the Great Wyrm Nidhogg have his revenge? Or will Dragons and Eorzeans come together, to fight for a single cause? Find out as you play the latest update 3.3 for Final Fantasy XIV: Revenge of the Horde.

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Now that update 3.3 is upon us, we have new dungeons hairstyles emotes and various other goodies that were improved for our gaming enjoyment. For full details on the latest patch notes, don’t forget to head to the loadstone on the Final Fantasy XIV website. And if you just so happen to be playing on the Ultros server, you can find me trying to save everything under the name Loki Battle. Check out the trailer on Revenge of the Horde down below. Stay tuned at WhatsUpPlayStation for more Final Fantasy XIV news.

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