Top 5 Upcoming JRPG’s in 2016 for PlayStation 4(update)

What’s Up PlayStation Nation,

On the PlayStation 4, we were already given the opportunity to play wonderful JRPG titles. Such as, Tales of Zestiria, Digimon Cyber Sleuth, and a personal favorite of mine Nights of Azure.

Today I wanted to inform the PlayStation Nation about 5 upcoming JRPG’s which I personally recommend. For PlayStation fans of this genre should be looking out for. These games look to fulfill that nostalgic feeling of the PlayStation 2 days. A lot of PlayStation fans have been desiring for a long time. Without further ado, here are 5 upcoming JRPG’s PlayStation fans should be on the look out for.


1.Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness- 6/28/16 (PS4,PS3)

 Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness is the 5th installment in the main Star Ocean series. It takes place in between Star Ocean: The Second Story and Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.(my personal favorite in the series) If you are a fan of the battle system, you would be happy to know that. The battle system is similar to the prior games in the series.The real-time action battle system features improved game mechanics,with the ability to switch control of characters. So join Fidel Camuze the main protagonist and his friends, as they traveling through space discovering new wonders. The story will have multiple endings, so Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness will offer multiple play-throughs.


2.I am Setsuna- 7/19/16 (PS4,PS Vita, Windows)

I am Setsuna is a highly anticipated JRPG, that is reminiscent of older JRPG games. The  Chrono Trigger inspired game, uses an Active Time Battle system based on earlier Final Fantasies games and Chrono Trigger. After each action is taken by a character in battle, an ATB gauge must fill again before another action is taken. Join Setsuna as she prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice, to save her people of the land. If you are looking for that nostalgic JRPG experience, I am Setsuna is a JRPG that shouldn’t be ignored.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 8.02.48 AM

3.World of Final Fantasy- TBA 2016 (PS4, PS Vita)

When I first saw this game at E3 2015, I automatically fell in love with the art-style of this game. Seeing some of my favorite Final Fantasy characters in a smaller whimsical chibi form. Had me yearning even more for a new Final Fantasy off beat game. The game will follow two siblings, Reynn and her little brother Lann. Being thrown into a world known as Grimoire, where they encounter characters and creatures from various Final Fantasy games. Reynn and Lann, will be accompanied by support characters from previous Final Fantasy games. Such as The Warrior of Light, Princess Sarah, Cloud, Squall, Lighting, and many more. Also the game will have a traditional RPG with an Active Time Battle system, for those old school JRPG fans. Hopefully there will be an actual release date given at E3 2016.


4.Final Fantasy XV- 9/30/16 (PS4, Xbox One)

In 2006, Square Enix showed us Final Fantasy versus XIII. A game announced as a PlayStation 3 exclusive title. Where PlayStation fans alike, got super excited for and was highly anticipating this game. With the game going through development struggles. PlayStation fans were still waiting for that day, they would see a release date for the game. And alas at E3 2013, we were greeted with a Final Fantasy XV trailer, becoming the 15th installment of the main Final Fantasy series games. Later to find out the game was no longer exclusive, but coming to PlayStation 4’s rivaled platform the Xbox One as well. But that didn’t quench the excitement, the anticipation, or the eagerness to play the game. Especially with two demos given for this title, Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae and the Platinum Demo: Final Fantasy XV(not set in the actual game and instead in young Noctis’ dream). Final Fantasy XV is my personal most anticipated game coming in 2016. The game adds new features to the Final Fantasy series. Bringing a dynamic weather system in effect across the world, a day-and-night time system affects the appearance of monsters on the world map, and real-time effects- characters who do not sleep have decreased combat ability. Also this new Final Fantasy brings a battle system reminiscent to Kingdom Hearts. So get ready to play as Noctis as he’s accompanied by three friends: Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto. As they travel across the world of Eos in a car “Regalia”or on a Chocobo, the recurring birds in the Final Fantasy series. Take on numerous monsters and enemies, as Noctis tries to reclaim his counties crystal from evil forces of Niflheim.

persona 5

5.Persona 5- 2/14 2017 (PS4, PS3)(update)

Already announced for Japan to release in September. The rest of the world will have to wait until E3 2016 for a release date.(with recent news Persona 5 release 2/14/2017) Lots of JRPG fans, are anticipating Atlus latest Persona game. Persona fans would be happy to hear that “Social Links” which started in Persona 3 and continued in Persona 4, it will be returning to the series. With the addition of “Cooperation” feature, helping the player gain friends within the city limits. Persona fans will also be happy hear that the battle system will continue, as a turn-based combat system. Set in the modern day Tokyo, players control a silent protagonist. He becomes the leader of the “Phantom Thieves of Hearts”. Where he’s accompanied by Ryuji Sakamoto, Morgana, a mysterious cat-like creature, and throughout the game more will join the group. So Persona fans get ready to traverse throughout Tokyo, as you try to reform society as the “Phantom Thieves of Hearts”, live your life going to school and work, but never forget to go to the “Velvet Room” to meet Igor and his assistants for advice.

So there you have it 5 JRPG’s PlayStation fans shouldn’t miss this year. As the PS4 continues to deliver such great titles, it should be a wonderful time for JRPG fans looking for that nostalgic PlayStation feel of JRPG’s.

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