Is There A Such Thing As Gaming Wrong?

What’s up PlayStation Nation?! There is something that bothers me in the gaming community as a whole and I wonder if it bothers you too. Do you get annoyed when people play games too selfishly? Do you find it weird that people can only play one type of way? Do you marvel at the fact that people want you to play in a way that benefits them only? Let’s go through a few situations and you will see what I mean.

1. NBA 2K
     People always have the same complaint about others in the NBA 2K games and they hate when others do not play on the ball defense. I find that hilarious especially since 80% of the time the on the ball defender gets abused. For example, if you have OKC you are dominating with Durant why would I guard anyone else? I’m guarding Durant and forcing you to beat me with the rest of the team. Now, I understand that some people that play NBA 2K enjoy playing humans because they cannot beat the computer but in a way basketball is a lot like chess and at times it’s better to play smarter not harder.
     Shoto characters have been around since the first Street Fighter somewhere around 1987, but they are the biggest annoyance in the Street Fighter community. You would think after 30 years people would know how to deal with handling them but people to this very day can be found crying, not figuratively but literally crying every time they get baited into jumping into a dragon punch or getting mowed down by a barrage of fireballs. The funny part is they give the characters ways to deal with these actions but as much as people play these Street Fighter games, they tend to only work on what they do well and never work on their weakness and trust me there are a lot of weakness out there.
And finally….
3. MMORPGS (Final Fantasy 14 in particular)
     Usually when we play RPGs we like to max out characters and breeze through areas while being super overpowered, but a game like Final Fantasy 14 negates your ability to be all powerful in your playthrough. Sure you can over level for certain areas, but when the boss fights come, the game syncs you to the level they think you should be and any extra moves you may have learned are rendered unusable along with some missions prompting you to only play solo. The frustration when playing this game comes from being class based – you have healers, tanks and damage dealers. The tanks spend all their time trying to build themselves up to take the most damage they can and have the highest health available but they complain about every little bit of damage they take. Healers do their best to get their MP high and raise their mind stats to do heals so powerful your crew feels immortal but they complain because they want people to play in a way that they either do not have to heal often or they want to conserve MP. Damage dealers just like to be reckless and have no regard for tanks or healers until they start pulling the enemies attention. The tank can not distract the enemies and they are taking too much damage for the healer to heal and then everyone is upset. We also have people who have a complex where they only want to play as one class and they get frustrated when they can not join raids because damage role queue times are much higher than healer and tank queues and they just simply refuse to try another role.
     These are just a few examples of what I consider people playing games wrong. What are some things that you see in gaming that you consider gaming no no’s?


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